Buying off RedDirect

Hi all,

I'm new to this and am keen as to buy my first IP. I live in NSW but am looking at all options and strongly considering interstate due to my budget of about 350K.

It was suggested to me to look into Kallangur, QLD and after some research I also started considering Capalaba/Alexandra Hills. I don't really trust agents and hence would like to know more about these areas in terms of quality tenants and vacancy rates.

Also, I came across RedDirect agents that sell turnkey projects and it seems like a good opportunity but I'd like another opinion about the whole construction process (ie servicing the loan until it's built, the fixed price etc) and their quoted rental returns.

I'm interested in free standing homes and like the idea of new dwellings due to depreciation but will consider older dwellings if yield and rentability is good.

Any assistance will be most welcome.