advice needed on first investment property


After 25 years in property development and investing, I help people get into investment properties and build portfolios for long term wealth creation. I am also licensed.

The property clock has moved to Brisbane as prices a re quite low compared to Sydney and Melbourne. Also interest rates will probably head lower and make it even easier to actually own property.

If you pay taxes you are better getting the quicker depreciation benefits from a new property. There a lot to choose from. Your price range is going to limit you to 1 bedroom Apts or Townhouses. Again there are a lot of those for sale as well.

If you have decided that you are going to be a passive investor who wants to enjoy tax deferred capital gains. Then location is your most important consideration at this stage.

Most of my time is spent analysing developments and the location. I spend a lot of time on the research, demographics, and infrastructure around developments that drive potential price increases. Then look at the particular properties aspects...# bedroom, # car parks, aspect, walking distance to school, distance from highway, view.

Two important aspects are rentability for cash flow, and scarcity for capital growth.

Your $300k-$350k budget is tight. It would be good to know you taxable income, Townhouses in outer suburbs near train stations, or 1 bedroom inner can get 2 year rental guarantees and furniture packages by pushing developers who are worried about an over supply. In my view there will be an over supply in the rental market, but prices are heading higher anyway.

Feel free to PM me if you want some serious assistance.