Chat room..Hmmmmmmmmmm

From: Rolf Latham

Hang around for a while not just a moment, and you would see there is indeed lots of value.

On the why would people waste their time ?

Because it is the sharing of one's sucess that makes it significant.

Succesful people are suprisingly giving of their experience because just another deal does nothing for them.




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From: Kristine .

Dear Anonymous

Do you watch TV? Listen to music, browse through the newspapers?

Does your computer tile windows, and allow you to do two things at once?

Participating in the chat room is a social event, and not necessarily a serious one.

But while I think the chat room is a wonderful invention, and that this new, state-of-the-art (and free) forum is terrific, am I imagining that the serious and questioning tone of the posts has lessened since the advent of the instantaneous, on-line facility?

The blessing and the curse of the chat room is that it does not exist until you come into the room, and dissapears after you go.

This allows a certain amount of casual atmosphere, but also means there is no archive.

Recently, while searching, I came upon a post from Geoff.W from this forum, and when entering was amazed to find myself in the archives.

I tracked around for a bit, and realized with some horror that all those posts, for better or worse, are permanently in cyber space, accessable from anywhere at any time!

So, dear Anonymous, if I may paraphrase my deal old mate, Abraham Lincoln,

"Some of the people talk nonsense all of the time, And all of the people talk nonsense some of the time, But not all of the people talk nonsense, all of the time"

Be a little generous, we all just need to 'chat' occasionally, and to talk nonsense when it's 'off the record'

Sleep well

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From: Shane .

Dear Anonymous,

You sound very disgruntled. Have you been burnt recently? Who are you angry at? People here who are sharing their knowledge, or yourself for not researching adequately.

Do you care to share your bad experience with us, or are you going to keep that to yourself???

I believe that is the reason this forum is here - for people to learn both from other peoples good judgement and misfortune.

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From: Yuch .

Hi Anonymous,

I am one of those hanging around the chatroom for hours.
I hope I didn't offend you in any occasions.

I personally think that chatroom is a great place to talk about investments/properties in a more relaxed environment, and I found that people are always happy to share their thoughts and experience.

Come and visit us in the chatroom again and enjoy the talk. You don't have to be that serious all the time, do you?

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From: Jeremy Laws

Aside from not liking anonymous posts I will answer a question for you.

It is PRECISELY BECAUSE the 'people' in the chat room have done what they say they have that they have the time to spend hours in it.

They don't work for money, it works for them. They 'work' for fun.

No one makes you chat, but I would strongly suggest you listen to everything you hear in there, and act on what you like. You don't meet people like TW in a normal day unless you are VERY lucky. How could you ask the person depositing $50-60k standing in front of you in a bank what they did to get it? I couldn't, and that is only a tiny amount of money to some of the people in there.

This is a great opportunity, make the most of it. Or don't!
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From: Michael Croft

Awww shoot guys, I haven't even found the chat room yet! Probably just as well I hear you say. Michael
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From: Neophyte .

Probably better off without "Anonymous" anyway!! I'm glad he/she probably won't be back.
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