Cost of separate water meter

Hi All,

We own an apartment in a block of 5 units in St Albans, Victoria. Recently work was done to have each unit put onto it's own water meter so each unit could be billed separately.

Can somebody shed some light on how much it would cost to do this? We've been billed for around $700 for our unit so I'm thinking it must have cost $3,500 in total ($700 x 5 units). Does this sound about right?


Yep pretty cheap actually. About $250 for the meter then the plumber to install it , and some plumbing alterations to plumb it into your unit, then the Water Corp to comission it,
be quiet and pay your bill before someone thinks it should be more;)

Dont forget to have it written into your next lease that the tenant pays for water usage.
You got off cheap. Ours cost about $3500 on its own - standard fee for a new meter install. They had to trench under the road.