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From: Simon Tomek

Hey everyone,

As a newie, I appreciate all the "stuff" I read in this forum. Everyone talks about doing all your homework when deciding where to buy a IP. Ok so now I need some help. Where do I get a hold of median prices per suburb in the Melbourne area?

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From: Kristine .


Don't forget there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

The figures mean nothing much without understanding what changed 'on the ground' in a particular suburb or municipality.

eg if a perfectly ordinary suburb suddenly 'jumped' in one year, and it's immediate neighbours did not, would this imply that (a) suddenly, everyone wanted to live on Coode Island (b) all the old buildings had been razed to the ground (quite possible on Coode Island), and a whole new development built and sold, thereby setting new price levels, or (c) Coode Island Republic announced a tax haven status for residents owning more than one property.

Send answers in a plain brown email.


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From: Paul Murphy


If you want the most accurate figures, you should purchase "A Guide to Property Values".

This book is published from the records of the Valuer General Victoria. It not only has every suburb listed, but also every regional town. Additionally, it details movements in median prices for houses, with separate figures for townhouses/apartments.

It is the most accurate because it is compiled from "Notice of Acquisition", which are legally required to be completed by each purchaser within one month of the acquisition of any real estate in Victoria.

To purchase a copy, speak to Landata, Level 1, 456 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000. Telephone (03) 9603 5103, Fax (03) 9603 5104.

Hope that helps.

Paul Murphy
The Investment Institute
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From: Michael G


Have you or anyone else, know of a similar product for NSW?

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From: Jamieson .

Similarly, is there a publication like this for Brisbane ??

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From: Mike .

Hi Michael,

Great name you've got!

I bought a publication back in 1986 from the NSW Government Information Service for $4.95! Expensive. Their contact details are on page 1160 of The White Pages. They also have a web site:
The Information/Sales/Enquiries Tel: 02 9743 7200
Their Bookshops Tel: 02 9743 7200

The book is called New South Wales Real Estate Market by The Valuer-General's Department. It's nickname by the dept is the "blue book". My copy has median prices from 1981 to 1986.

Regards, Mike
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