Deal Decline - Defaults


Has anyone had this happen to them before?

I had a deal declined with ING due to client having two defaults (telco), however after this occured 23/2/2010 I had the client get a copy of their CRAA and there is nothing noted on the file?

Any other brokers or borrowers have this happen?
Hi Alex

2 files quite possibly, or a mistaken identity.

Get the client to authorise u to pull the file that ING acted on........ING should give u a copy on that basis. Compare the 2 files and see what the go is

Thanks Rolf,

I have spoken to the BDM from ING and also sent him a copy of the file as supplied by the client.

Yes could be wrong person, have had that happen before, but the last name was smith in that case and smith being common did not suprise me.

Will see what the BDM comes back with.
Yes i have that.

Veda showed nothing so we submitted the deal as clienjt was unsure whether it actually got to default.

Lender was also doing a D & B report to be on the safe side and it showed up there.