DIY Conveyancing - Experiences and resources

Just exploring -
Has anyone here ever done their own conveyancing (without a professional background in it)...

Any resources you'd recommend? Any you'd avoid?
I'd do a search on this topic, but "conveyancing" is too long or too common a search term on the SSForum???
I wouldn't do it, its too small a savings, as I've said in every other thread on this topic. I just pay up the $350 and they do all the legwork for me and I don't have to think.
Thanks KeithJ, whatever would we do without google...?
RumpledElf, thanks, you've repeated sentiments I've read elsewhere...

For me though, the question is all about the learning process. This will be my fourth property purchase now... and I want to know what it is these conveyancing companies have actually done for me every other time... It's like this "black box" that nobody wants to touch... I do have the time, know how to use am not afraid of fine print...It's a vacant block of land... purchasing for cash.
Accepting that a mistake could be very costly, but I _want_ to see if I can do it.

Thanks all. Back to Google now... :)
As a former professional in conveyancing I will second Rumpled Elf's advice.

There are several aspects of conveyancing:

A. getting the legal title transferred to you. This part is the simple part.

B. ensuring the contract reflects your agreement and is not overly weighted to the vendor

C. ensuring you can use the property for what you intend. In NSW I twice had clients who wanted to purchase vacant land surrounded by houses where the zoning did not permit housing. I had another client want a block where the location of the sewers made it unfeasible to build the building they wanted. The people who eventually bought and built had to build a house with very little frontage.

Just bear in mind the fine print in a standard contract is in NSW explained in a several hundred page book by Professor Butt.

Yes possibly 99% of transactions might not have these compications though bearing in mind the "standard special conditions" a number of NSW lawyers use I think the number would be much less. But you don't know if your transaction is the 1% where there is an issue. Maybe you will do the conveyancing, get the title transferred to you, build and then five or ten years down the track when you come to sell find there is a problem the purchaser's solicitor finds that prevents or delays your sale.

It is good to see that people, still want to learn how to do there own Conveyancing.

As long as the Title is Torrens Title, the Title is guaranteed by the State Government.

As you said that you have bought a few properties this all adds up in Legal costs.

Sure seek legal advice on the Contract if you do not understand the conditions you are entering into.
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