Do you know what I hate!



From: The Wife

Do you know what I hate!

First up, I gotta say, thankyou all, for listening to the ranting I am about to have, I tried the major newspapers across Australia, and they were NOT interested in publishing what I hate most. I wonder why?

I hate, I mean like...I REALLY hate, real estate agents/agencies, who are on the web, but are not computer savvy, and do not know how to use email.

What I hate even more, is agents/agencies, who do not bother to reply to emails. This is the height if ignorance, and I cannot stand it anymore.

I propose, that anyone who uses the internet to view and ask questions about property, makes a very loud complaint via the phone, to the agency who did not return your email.

I know I certainly will be from this point on!

Thankyou for your attention.

Cheers, :eek:)

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: The Gow's

hello The Wife

I truly concur with you on this ignorance from real estate agencies that utilize the web for advertising there properties. I have sent several (quite a few) E-mails to these supposed professionals with not one reply from any one.

Feeling totally IGNORED!!!!

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From: Mike .

Hi TW,

Your frustration is totally understandable. I have also experienced the same problem. I don't think, however, ignorance is the cause of the problem. Somebody I know recently attempted to work in a real estate agency and had to quit due to the stressful environment. Phones kept ringing non-stop and not enough staff to handle all the enquiries and do other admin duties.

Regards, Mike
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From: Adam Randall

This is not really related to property on the net, however I really really hate websites that do not include either purchase price of their product or even a rough idea of what it costs. This totally defeats the purpose of having an internet presence, as if you are interested in the product, a phone call is still required to find out the price, you might as well have just looked in the yellow pages.
I have complained about this to many sites, one thing I have learnt is e mails do not get replied to, and if you phone a poor excuse like "its too difficult to update prices on our full range of products" well I'm afraid its just to difficult for me to pick up the phone.
regards Adam
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From: Steve _Deve

Argh.. can't agree with you more TW, and others who've replied. I also especially HATE real estate sites that are slowwww! I'm constantly sent emails re properties that have been on the market for weeks (I thought the web would be great for agents as it's *instant*), and also the fact that some sites leave *sold* properties up for months in some cases.

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From: Miakat .

On the flip side, there is one particular agency in Newcastle who does a wonderful job of keeping their listings up to date, and replying to emails. I rang them up and congratulated them, which was well received.

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