Do you like the new website look?

Do you like the new website look?

  • Absolutely amazing, long overdue!

    Votes: 2 1.7%
  • Yes

    Votes: 15 12.8%
  • Neither here nor there...

    Votes: 15 12.8%
  • No

    Votes: 68 58.1%
  • Looks like something I spewed up!

    Votes: 14 12.0%
  • I hate polls.

    Votes: 3 2.6%

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Looks pretty but is like a hot woman that doesnt perform. (Not being sexist here could have said a hot guy but thatd be a tad weird)

Its a waste, the looks arent all that matters when it doesnt forfil what you need it to.
Not a fan at all. Big drop on how many times a day I go to the site. I used to go on for 5 - 10mins because it was so quick to search for property in a reasonably specific are without having to go through the suburbs.

Takes a lot longer to find what you want to find

All it seems they are doing is showing you MORE properties that you DONT want to see
the search is like domain now with those 1+ 2+ etc.................

why do they think its better to have this kind of search option like domain??bring the old one back with block of unit.........
Not a fan at all. Big drop on how many times a day I go to the site.

Same here. I used to visit numerous times throughout the day in between jobs, for just a minute or so at a time, checking new listings for various suburbs. Don't use it much now. :(

Interesting that not one person has said they like it yet.

LOL at the pretty woman comment - I think it's more of a Tom Cruise. Nice to look at but full of crap. :p
I hate hate hate it

I am in mourning for the old site. I feel like I have lost my best friend, we use to spend hours upon hours together...

I've tried to seek solace in the arms of realestateview.. but its just not the same :(

This tarted up new version really does hurt my eyes, it's too... white and is flashing too many images at me.. I cant see the houses

If only some one could return it back to it's former glory...
it crashes

Hi all,

I use Firefox on Ubuntu 9.10 and the new sometimes causes my firefox to crash and go off in a tizzy.

I cannot replicate it all the time yet but when i have numerous tabs open (as i often do), then if i go into and start to do a search, then i may as well walk away and forget about it as sometimes it just gets stuck.

Apart from that, when it does work, it is much slower, and for those of use who use wireless 3g connections and are wary of the quota, then i am cautious of it due to the amount of extra c-r-a-p that is on the pages.

NOTE - i do use adwords to block a lot of ads too.,


The big negative for me is that they’ve removed the “adprice” info in the source code. Previously, even ads which stated “POA” or “Auction” for the price would display the dollar value the ad was positioned at in the HTML source code so you get an idea of what the expectation was. That’s gone now so I’m not a very happy user. :mad:
Aside from the layout and navigating around it, two things I'm having issues with are:

1. Does it still show 'distance to <closest major city>' ? I can't find it. I used to find that quite useful.

2. The 'sort by' field doesn't work a lot of the time and takes several attempts. I often like to change it to most recent, or price order, but is becoming quite a task to get it to do it. Not sure whether if you do it too soon, before everything's loaded on the page it won't do it or what, but it's annoying me.
Personally, I think it has potential. There are some good things on there, like a much better mapping interface, BUT there are annoying things too...maybe there will be "updates" yo remedy the usability. Let's not forget that fundamentally, this is the first real change to our beloved site.

Over 70% do not like overall...perhaps some changes will be made eventually. Although, look at UBank, still a crappy forum and no running interest earned, from a site claiming to listen.... :mad: