doesn't hurt to ask

i had a couple of great wins in yesterday ... i'm in the process of getting the materials organised to landscape the yard and i knew i'd need a fair bit of quality fill to bring the sagging middle of the yard up to level, and around 20-25m2 of paver - but wasn't looking forward to spending even more money as our budget is approaching the end of it's useful life.

i had my builder here putting up the bearers and joists for my new 20m2 deck (which i am decking myself, but he was happy to put the decking materials on his trade account, discount price, and forward the cost to me) when i mentioned that i needed some fill.

well - his builder's mate just happened to be, at that moment digging out the topsoil at a yard next suburb over as that owner wanted the level dropped. so i scored myself three heaped trailer loads of prime topsoil for nothing - they even barrowed it to where it needs to go.

while the builder's mate was barrowing i casually asked if he knew anyone who wanted to get rid of some pavers ... well ... his neighbour is pulling up his paved driveway and if i help him lift them (only set on a slab) i can take them away for nothing.

so i just saved myself around $1,000 by throwing a friendly query out there. doesn't hurt to talk to everyone your meet - just in case.