Eating Allen's Party Mix ...


Earlier this year, Nestle were running a 'Win $50 Instantly' promotion.

Being a bit of a Party Mix fan, I opened the wrappers and entered the 'Sorry, Try Again' online registration - on average I buy one or two packs of party mix each week, always from the same Milk Bar, and entered the competition each week.

Well, today I have opened an envelope with a $50 cheque from Nestles!

I have now rushed up the the Lucky Milk Bar and spent the $50 with them, but as the Draw date was my Daughter's Birthday, I had promised any and all winnings to her.

She is (as I write) writing a very sad story for Monday's newspaper so she was delighted to read my email regarding her winnings


This is what eating Allen's Party Mix will do:

Be yummy while being eaten
Surprise me with a $50 cheque
Surprise the Chinese Milk Bar people (who now have a Lucky Milk Bar!)
Surprise my Daughter

and generally make everbody quite pleased and happy on a Friday afternoon.

I have also emailed Nestle and thanked them so I hope that makes them happy, too.

Just thought I'd share

Sometimes Life just happens to throw a jelly snake our way!

But, as always, you've got to be in it to win it!

Anyone else had any happy little wins like this?

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I love Marella Jubes - it's an addiction, but I think they might be Pascalls - anyway no competitions on the bags so far.

Just in a similar vein (sort of), I spent a morning a week or so ago re-organising my house and landlords insurance. I ended up changing companies after much comparison and to-ing and fro-ing. In the mail today arrived 3 x $25.00 Coles/Myer vouchers as a thankyou for switching. I had no idea of this, it may have been on the website somewhere, but certainly the two assistants I spoke to didn't mention it to me as an incentive.

So a few hours of my time saved me $380.00 in insurance all up + I get the three vouchers.

Must be the day for nice little surprises, Kristine....
Hey, Good for you Kristine,

Even better that you ate your way there with your favourite Nestle.

Definately a great finish for the week.

I wish Pure Blonde would put out a promotion......:rolleyes:

Regards JO
Well done Kristine.
The other nice thing to read in your post is that you still have a corner milk bar.
They are long gone around here, sadly.
Do they have a lucky [lolley] Budda on the counter now?
About 3 weeks I was booking a flight to Newcastle with Jetstar and after I booked it I got asked if I would do an online survey - usually I don't do these but that day I thought why not, so filled it in and pressed send. Today I got home from work to find a $100 Jetstar voucher as a thankyou for taking the time to do the survey.

It mustv'e been a good day for nice surprises :)

i'm a jaffa girl thru and thru ... although i did get a lovely cheque from one of my mortgage holders this week for $281, refund of lmi that i knew nothing about and wasn't expecting ...

now - if i can just wangle the win of the $2 lottery that is currently up to $13mil.
A number of years ago I won three pairs of sunglasses worth $200-300 each. Was the result of actually entering some of those "second chance draws" that you can enter if you don't "win instantly" with some of those scratchy things you can get in chip packets.

Thing is, I am pretty sure I only sent off two entries. I don't buy chips and never have - I think these were left-overs from a party...

First pair -OMG I actually won something!

Second pair -WTF I won again??

Third pair -please stop spamming me with sunglasses...

Then there was the time late in the 1990's when terms and conditions of online competitions did not restrict one to only one entry, and the 'backspace' key did not delete the fields on online entry forms...

Fill in form. Enter.

Backspace. Enter. Backspace. Enter. And so on. Do this 1500 times (thereabouts) you're likely to win something eventuallly...:D


I'm not sure what the party pack is, I will delve into....I love freckles...and musk sticks, and bananas and the gold round things and red jubes and milk bottles, but not too many.

I want to read her story, will find some internet and a nice Hudson's coffee at the airport Monday and check it out while waiting for bro..
A couple of weeks ago I phoned the insurance company as I received a renewal for 2 properties that I had sold. I remember ringing to cancel the policy's so promptly forgot all about it. Anyway, I called them up and asked why they hadn't cancelled them. End result, I get a refund of over $700. WooHoo!
I'm a blood donor and today I received a letter from the Red Cross. Thinking it was just a reminder to give blood I opened it to find I had won two tickets to a Dean Vegas show. For those who don't know Dean Vegas is an Elvis impersonator and regular mayoral candidate here on the Gold Coast.

He may not be any good but I don't care as it should be fun. Unexpected prizes are the best!