funny article in the herald sun today

An academic came up with the surprising conclusion that 'if a person watches porn on the internet for upto 18 hours a day - this can be detrimental to work and relationships.........No joke Joyce!

Gotta love some academics...

Wonder about their research methods....
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I know, I saw that and nearly wet myself laughing! 18 hours! Now if was 1.8 hours, then that at least makes a bit more sense.

As Rob says, doing ANYTHING for 18 hours a day (except breathing, possibly :D) would be detrimental to relationships, health, etc.
hey awesome i made the paper ... wait what?

Ignoring the friction burn aspect of this, how the hell could you possible find porn interesting enough to watch for 18 hours a day i mean there are only so many photocopiers that need repairing and pools that need cleaning.
Looks like it's this article:

It actually says:
....becomes a major problem only when people become so preoccupied that they spend 16 to 18 hours a day doing nothing else but watching porn

So ~15 hours a day is only a small problem? And would 5 hours a day be fine :confused: I think reading the Herald sun daily and taking it seriously would be a problem :D

It also says that:
SEVENTY per cent of men and 30 per cent of women view pornography online

pfffft, I see the emails all you girls with a computer or even a phone pass around to one another, us guys don't look at half the porn you girls do.