history of suburb's capital growth

Hi all,
Anyone know how and where to find info about last 10yrs capital growth in a suburb? The most I can find is 5 yrs back, and it's from RP free report. Thanks
back of the property investor magazine (api) has the stats every month for all suburbs with sufficient sales to qualify.
I have 26 years worth of capital growth data from the Valuer General for all of Victoria.

Name your suburb and I'll post the data....
wow, thanks guys.
murtagh, i found the website very useful to my need.
merlin, I'm looking at nsw and qld suburbs at the moment, If you also have data of these 2 states pls let me know
10 years in my opinion is too short as it might include one property cycle, two property cycles or even none at all. Changing the start year of a 10 year analysis can make the difference between the same suburb being a top performer or a dog.

Longer term is more interesting and you can get rough indications from looking at for sale ads in newspapers 20, 30 or 40 years old. Asking prices are near enough to sale prices in most cases as it's not going to be very exact anyway. Try your local state library for archives.


Annual Capital Growth 1980-2007 (house): 9.50%

1980 median (house): $19,000
1996 median (house): $73,000
2007 median (house): $220,000

9.50% is about middle of the range, victoria-wide. Quite a good result for a regional area...