How much for roof guttering?

Hi all,

I've been advised that i need to replace some gutttering on one of properties (due to rust because tenants don't clean the gutters out very frequently).

So any idea of how much per metre that i should look forward to paying for this job?

Also, does anyone have any experience with gutter guards (the plastic type of stuff that keeps leaves out of the gutters) Do these things adequately work?


the plastic gutter guards work well but only in light leaf situations ,any heavy deposits crush the guard and it simply sits on the bottom of the gutter and fills up with leaf ,for heavy duty areas the perforated aluminium sheet type gaurd is best ,i fitted it to my mothers home after years of her complaining about the gutters overflowing and it hasnt overflowed since ,a tad expensive but you will never have to replace gutters from rusting through again
You really can't expect tenants to clean out gutters.

In fact, you don't WANT them to, because if they fall, you will be up for far more money than paying someone to clean them out every so often.

Simply a part of maintenance to keep your property in good condition, and to avoid the expense you are now facing.
We replaced guttering on one of our IP's in Jan this year, payed $11p/m for 6" square gutter and around $2.50 per gutter bracket. We needed around 60m of guttering done, builder/plumber took around 2 days and costs were close to the $3500 mark, but he replaced a few sheets of roofing iron as well which were included in this price.

We looked into a stronger (stainless) metal mesh type gutter covering, the builder advised us against it as he said costs outweighed benefits. Might be different in your area depending on the type of trees around your house.

We are paying just over $3300 for 49m of gutters and fascia and 4 downpipes in colourbond. If you don't need the fascia done, this could be (very) roughly halved. Get a few quotes, in our case they varied dramatically.

I totally agree with Marg - gutter cleaning is part of annual maintenance and as such an owner's expense.

IMHO gutter guard is more a nuisance than anything for reasons mentioned above.

All the best.