I need some referrals - Sydney please :)



From: Matthew Campbell

I would like to know what methods people are currently using to determine Capital Growth in Sydney..(or any other area)

Do they use
1. Aus Prop Monitors? Which type of report?
2. SMH auction and sales info?
3. Residex, again which report?
4. General changes in Sydney planning. Eg: The Orbital etc..
5. AB of Statistics.. eg: reflecting different demographic and geographic lifestyles...
6 Visiting RE agents week-in and week-out

Obviously, it has been said that you make the money when you buy, not just relying on CG (except Jan) or when/if you are selling..

And I would assume most people are using as many methods as possible to get their research..but I wanted to know what is popular.

Also, can someone refer me to a (IN SYDNEY)

1. Solicitor (who is also a P/Investor)
2. Financier (" " " " )
3. Financial Planner etc.

I would be MOST appreciative

I have another thought that I have been curiously considering..it's about furniture..give me your thoughts..thick and thin :)

It's about furnished properties..

Does anyone have any experience with leasing furnished properties? So far I discovered, it seems that they are mostly Corporate leases for short term tenants and that you are in competition with serviced apartments like Medina.

But what about cheaper places? I know a family who spends something like $200 per month on fridge, tv, washing machine rentals etc...yet they rent a 3br house for $180 in Sydney..

I would prefer it in my pocket, if you know what I mean..
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From: Rolf Latham


You have covered a lot of options there. Very different time scales and very different data sets.

My clients have access to the full Market Facts Residex system. This is definetely the ants pants if your into stats.


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