Hi all

Anyone here have any experience with properties in Keysborough?

Given the new estates will drive up the median price of the suburb, would this make it a decent area to buy in?

I guess it's close to Eastlink and Parkmore shopping centre, but it's a fair way from trains

Would love to hear your thoughts
We bought a investment property recently in Nov 2008. The neighborhood is good place to live and a lot of demand from renters.
Keysborough's main drawcard is its proximity to Haileybury College. Parts near Springvale Rd will benefit when the new Smartbus orbital gets put in early next year. There is a local push to rename parts as uppity residents don't want to be lumped in with old Keysborough.

Oh and the agents may tell you it's a 5 min drive to the beach (at 3am?) or it's an 'almost' bayside suburb. Don't believe that. Also note that some say it's a good plan is to buy a poorer suburb next to a dearer suburb; well Keysborough's the opposite with Noble Park just over the fence and Dandenong across the ditch.