Lifting Title

Hi all,

Can anyone provide any advice on the process of lifting a land title.
Also do I need to pay section 94 for each title being lifted, or does this only apply to strata and subdivision?

As you can tell this is a new process in our portfolio so as much information as possible would be appreciated.

The area in question in Lake Macquarie LGA in NSW.

If you have a property that has one title over several lots and you want to create a title for each lot.

Is this called something else as well?
just because you can get separate titles will not necessarily mean that each title automatically has a building entitlement
Watching with interest. Something I am looking into doing at the moment. I am making sure that each individual lot can be built on before going through the process.
OK, so I have done some research and talking amongst investment group and the process is as follows:

- Check with LGA regarding Section 94 (NSW), land size and any eligibilities for building
- Check if services are required to titled lots
- Hire a surveyor to survey the boundaries and ensure they are in the correct place
- Submit plans to council

Total time taken (as advised by others who have done so) is between 3 - 5 months, depending on how organised you are.
I've subdivided a larger lot (5000m2) into smaller lots (833.33m2), and built on the individual smaller lots, is this what you are doing ? And what do you mean by 'lifting of land title' :confused:
Lifting of a title is like subdividing, except the lots are already defined and included on the title. E.g., a land title has lot 1 and lot 2, so that is one title over 2 lots.

Lifting of the title means you create 2 titles with one lot on each title (which could then be subdivided if lot size permitted). But the primary purpose is to lift the title and retitle each lot on its own title.