Need Help RE: Fence

From: Alex Investor


I have a problem. I have arranged for a new fence at one of our IP's and have paid the contractor a deposit.

He has pulled down the old fence but has not come back to put up the new one. My tenant is not very happy, which I can understand. I keep ringing the contractor asking when he will do the job and he keeps giving me excuses and then gives me a new day, but then just does not turn up.

What can I do??

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From: Mike .

Hi Alex,

First step is contact Dept of Fair Trading to check whether the Fencer is licenced. If he is they may be able to contact him on your behalf and suggest he finish the job pronto or return the deposit.

I would prefer to get the deposit back and change Fencers. Reason being that his conduct leads me to believe that he probably wouldn't honour any warranty if the workmanship is below par or faulty.

Get the deposit or cut your losses and file a complaint with Dept of Fair Trading. Then change Fencers. Ask the new Fencer to sign a Minor Works Contract so you are legally covered. Then get a reference from the last job he did. Check out the workmanship and talk to the customer about the conduct of the Fencer and whether the job was completed as per the agreement. Another example of Due Diligence, really.

Regards, Mike

PS: Ask Dept of FT what is appropriate payment schedule. Never give full payment before job is complete.
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Dividing Fence Act ( qld)

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From: Ross Sondergeld

Hi Alex,

Subject: Need Help RE: Fence

I'd split the cost with the nexxt door neighbour.

Refer to Divinding fence Act in qld.

Essentially... you and the neighbour split the cost if you follow the

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Dividing Fence Act ( qld)

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From: Alex Investor

Thanks for all the posts.

Finally the fence has gone up! Now the question is do I pay on time????

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Dividing Fence Act ( qld)

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From: Robert Forward

Hehe, now you pay him $10 a week for the next 2 years of however long it takes to pay it out.


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