New flooring over tiles ? Vinyl planks

We're wanting to put new flooring in two rooms which are currently tiled .

My studio has very good condition large tiles over a concrete slab . Long term solution wanted . Think it would be hard to get them off and I don't have the tools.

The kitchen has poorly grouted tiles over a timber subfloor . Short term solution needed .

Looking for a timber look . Need a thin flooring otherwise I'd be changing doors etc

Vinyl planks looked like an option but one site says you can't put these over tiles . Is this because the profile of the grout line will show through . If this is the case would it be possible to put some form of filler in the grout line to give a smooth surface . This is something I could do . I'm good at fine detail stuff , not the heavy duty things . I think this would be practical in the studio .

I think there is too much movement in the kitchen floor to make this practical , so was wondering whether putting a layer of Masonite down and then the vinyl plank would be the best solution . I think it would be a lot easier to get the tiles up in the kitchen , but as This room will be changed in the next 2-4 years anyway , I'm trying to avoid it is I could .

Any thoughts ?

Cliff Turner
Loose lay vinyl planks can go over tiles as they have a flexible backing. If you need to fill the grout lines then an ardit compound to prep the floor would be best

Otherwise you can do it the proper way like I did, 90sqm with a jackhammer and a 4 cube skip...


Dave . Shows my ignorance . Didn't know jackhammers came on wheels .

Hire or buy ?

How long did that take ?

I'm not a physically strong person ( though I have just spent the last 2-3 years moving rocks at our weekender .... )

Is it something that's easy for someone more used to pushing keys or paintbrushes .

I would assume that in the kitchen it would be relatively easy as the tiles have been poorly applied with many cracks in the grout . In the studio the tiles would have gone on a cement bed over the concrete . How easy is that to get off ?

The trolley hammer was $350 for the weekend from Kennards as I had 3cm concrete screed under tiles. And I had 90sqm to which was easier with trolley vs by hand.

If I had thinner or no screed or less area then I would have just gotten a $129 rotary ozito from bunnings and done it by hand.

I have a niggly back and shoulders and got the whole thing done in a weekend though it was a hard slog. Then a third day with a scraper and angle grinder taking off the screed remnants from the slab.

There are companies which do it for circa $44/sqm
I've just (last year) laid vinyl plank in an 96m[sup]2[/sup] transportable, rat-sh-- floor, completely unlevel gapped, andit was brand new from the factory. . .
had great results with self levelling compound, filled all the lines, all the gaps in the timber, and ended up actually level
plank went down easy
no change to doors
completed 3 motel suites, did the same, 1 day each, caravan families are rough on stuff