NSW coast - brace yourself Nellie !!

Wow lost 20% already today, especially suprising since the rig has arrived and featured on media reports...

I haven't gone through this before, so nothing is surprising to me..

I mean,.. I don't know what will happen, or why.... what's so surprising about that ?!
Just high numbers, I have been waiting for the highvolume numbers when day traders just in come in and take a punt and from my experience something like this does not unexpectedly fade from public attention ..imho..
MEO freaked people out and that combined with folks who were just hanging in to try and extract max $ before results came in giving up and cashing out caused the drop IMO - still a 70/30 IMO 70% chance of hitting hydrocarbons and shooting to $2+ 30% chance of finding SFA and dropping to 3 cents.

As a wise song goes: gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold them - if 3 cents a share will crush you financially sell out if not enjoy the ride and potential windfall (better odds than lotto or the races).
Down to around 0.785 at the moment
If you were to study the last 100 ASX public floats and look at the numbers on how many are still above the entry costs,then the numbers drop off very quickly,no one has a precise predictive model for this but once the day traders come in they buy and sells very quickly,and imho
this is when you make the money.."imho"
I'm not gonna pretend I understand the announcmement, just in case someone asks me why it's had the effect on tyeh share price it's had since coming out....
I am watching this one closely.

Will be very interesting!

I will either kick myself for not buying or sigh of relief that I didn't.

Congrats to those who bought early and are free holding now..

The timing isn't the best for me, otherwise I would have bought a few just for the hell of it. I reckon it has a good overall chance of going through the roof in the next couple of weeks..
There is a thread on HC inferring that they have only done 2D seismic surveys. This may be wrong of course but worth checking.

They say "Trust, but verify!" 3D is far more trustworthy than 2D.

Disclaimer: I own no shares and and I am simply "An interested bystander".
Nothing to worry about,you only have to look how educated investors would have looked at something like this 20 weeks ago,most gave this one a massive miss,the rest of the population don't care,,not on the numbers just the risk factor,I have my money back on this one and a small amount that has gone into 3 other startup ASX listed floats..
educated investors would probably give it a miss because it is more of a gamble than an investment? nothing wrong with that but without being privy to all the details from the inside you are just taking a punt? I know someone that has made millions from this sort of thing and I am trying to learn from him, but it really is a new mind set