Perth bottom end

In contrast to the other " Perth top end" thread; what about at the other end?

For those preferring not to go country / interstate:
1) Is there much/anything left in the sub 250K bracket?
2) And if so, anyone have a take on them?

I've seen a couple of units around parmelia, gosnells, rockingham etc. Anyone else?
theres a newish 3x2 villa on cooper st mandurah at $295k which woul dbe about 5% gross yield. the others sold for closer to $400k a couple of years back, i reckon its good buying

areA JUST REZONED R60 too, meaning future dev has to be 2 storey. new stock cannot be priced this cheaply
theres a newish 3x2 villa on cooper st mandurah at $295k which woul dbe about 5% gross yield. the others sold for closer to $400k a couple of years back, i reckon its good buying

areA JUST REZONED R60 too, meaning future dev has to be 2 storey. new stock cannot be priced this cheaply

That is cheap. Is that your last one?:)
By the way what ever hapened to Sparky?
Best news I have heard since this silly housing boom started (5-6 years ago). A home is a necessity like food and water. Houses should not be used as a get rich scheme for those on above average incomes and wealthy investors thus ruling out anything affordable for the low to middle income earner....

I guess people who invest in housing aren't appreciated by everyone.
IMO they are not dreaming, they are doing. They are releasing land without any thought of roads, infrastucture, etc. Property 5 k's from city may benefit, anything else will go down. There is not much forethought of the consequence. Too much emphasis has been placed on housing, not enough empasis on other attributes of increased population.
they are doing. They are releasing land without any thought of roads, infrastucture, etc.


i have no faith in govt achieving anything. i heard similar retoric about karratha.... well years have slipped by and...nothing. my simple 3 bed house took 6 months to be assessed by landcorp, then it was out of that beauracracy and into the next, being the council. another month or so in there and presto - permission granted to build an identical copy of one of the village display homes.
Extracts from Eastern Reporter


EAST Metropolitan MLC Alison Xamon has vowed to fight a State government decision to develop 14.6ha of virgin bushland in Kiara.

The Greens politician said she was investigating the possibility of moving a disallowance motion in order to bring the debate in to parliament.

Ms Xamon said Planning Minister John Day’s decision was confusing, given the community’s 14-year long opposition to bulldozing the bushland.

“The community has been very clear and very consistent over the entire period over what they want done with that site. There’s no justification for ignoring this consistent message,” she said.

“Ongoing clearing, throughout the metropolitan, area means the relative importance of each patch of urban bushland is increasing. Preservation of these treasured spaces is essential if we are to avoid a sea of roofs.”

Mr Day reached his decision to approve the rezoning of the site in consultation with the City of Swan.

City of Swan councillor Mick Wainwright said that although he understood the concerns of local residents, he thought the area was “crying out” for areas of urban expansion.

“Look, I think it’s a good idea for it to go ahead, especially if we can include an area for senior citizens and a FESA facility. They are two pretty good reasons,” he said.

Bassendean MLA Martin Whitely said Perth’s urban expansion required areas of bushland be developed.

“It would be hypocritical of me to say I oppose development on the site,” he said.

“I support the retention of the most significant bits of bushland, but the reality is Perth is growing at an enormous rate and unless we want to see continuous urban sprawl, we need to develop on the existing footprint.”

Western Australian Planning Commission figures show there are 40,000 vacant, titled blocks in the greater metropolitan area.

DESPITE 14 years of community opposition, Planning Minister John Day has approved the rezoning of fourteen hectares of bush in Kiara for urban development.
The bushland on the corner of Morley and Bottlebrush drives is home to Carnaby black cockatoos, rainbow bee-eaters, kangaroos and 150 species of flora.

Mr Day approved a Metropolitan Region Scheme amendment on April 9 that will allow the site to be cleared and developed.

He said possible uses for the site included a school, a childcare centre, a Fire and Emergency Services facility, public open space and residential developments.

In 1996 and 1998 two similar amendments were rejected after Kiara residents made clear their desire to retain the site as bushland.

Mr Day approved the amendment after the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and an Independent Hearings Committee carried out investigations for the landowner, the Department of Housing.

The EPA said the site had “significant values as a local bushland area and for its wetland and upland biodiversity values.”

The Hearings Committee said the bushland was regionally significant and recommended the site not be zoned for urban development, but rather be considered for Bush Forever classification.

Mr Day said the development would include up to 100 residential dwellings, with the first release occurring around October next year.

Read the full story in Tuesday's Eastern Reporter

3) Extract By Karen Valenti - editor of the Eastern Suburbs Reporter and Stirling Times

The leaders of today will one day be held up to ridicule for destroying trees when they should have remembered their Year 7 science class about how trees keep our air clean.

During the past 10 years, politicians have talked about protecting the environment and hammered home to all the environmental benefits of rainwater tanks, solar hot water systems, water-conserving showerheads and using public transport.

These measures will count for little without bushland and tree preservation.

Urban infill is an important tool to limit metropolitan sprawl in Perth and to ensure everyone has access to transport, schools and facilities.

However, within metres of Kiara bushland is an under-used shopping centre with a vast car park. There is already electricity at that Eden Hill site.

That would be a prime site for another housing development and a far better option than the Kiara bushland and its precious trees.

My thoughts - It makes no sense to put a Christian Prim School beside a catholic Prim School, there's already heaps of congestion in the area at peak school time. There's heaps of public Prim schools in the area with low enrollments.

Ashfield is having there zoning increased heaps, Parts of Bassendean and Eden hill have already had there zoning increased. There's heaps of cheap, vacant blocks in those area's already not selling, and they're talking about doing the same thing in Kiara.
The dumbest thing though is it's beautiful bushland in good condition that they want to clear - it's better than Kings Park. Then the councils spend heaps planting trees on other sites that have previously been cleared.
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Something that interests me is current plans for increased resi density for Koondoola and Girrawheen R40, R60.

Cheap land, and oh so close to the city, apparently lots of interest, not surprised.

Cheers, MTR
Perhaps it's just that the majority of people on average income tend to waste their money on lifestyle instead of using it to make more money.

I would say "spend" not "waste". To you it may seem a waste. Many people who spend every cent they earn probably think investors are wasting their money instead of enjoying it.

Get out of your ivory tower. :)
I am not sure why you think "grandios notion"? It worked for Westminster/Balga. I can see the same happening in Girrawheen/Koondoola.
Comes under City of Wanneroo, I initially thought it was under Stirling, but there you go.

Area that will be rezoned will be various pockets within 400 mtre from commerical/shopping precinct.

Cheers, MTR