Perth Railway Development

From: Derrick Barden

The WA government yesterday announced further details on the proposed rail line between Perth and Mandurah. The project I believe will begin in 2003 and be fully completed in 2005. The trip between Mandurah and Perth should take 45 minutes once complete. I believe this will open up property opportunities along the rail line previously overlooked. Though being a relative beginner in IP investing I may have already been left at the starting blocks.

Would anyone with knowledge of Perth care to make any suggestions of suburbs they think would benefit from the rail development? I would imagine Mandurah would be one area that would directly benefit. But there must be other suburbs along the line that would gain similar benefits.

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From: Rixter ®

I would say all the suburbs along the new rail line especially those in the Perth Metro area within 20kms of CBD...but one that jumps out the most is a inner metro location which will be opened up due to its new rail station off the Armadale line, plus the new Roe Highway extentions running past their doors. There is an undervalued area (compared to the median Price for the rest of the suburb) alongside these new govt developments & improvements that will I feel will uplift the area dramatically.


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Rixter :)
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