Property Management Feedback from Owners/Investors


In the constant quest to better our service we would like to find out exactly what property owners issues are with property managers on the whole, and what improvements they would like to see from them?

Tell us about your experiences.

Thank you
I hope you have another thread for renters. Every property manager I've ever had to deal with in my renting life has been abysmal. Private landlords have always been much better. No exceptions.
Hi RumpledElf,

Thank you for your response. We do offer a higher service to both owners and renters (as you can see from our website), we understand that renters are an integral part of the owners investment, and a good tenant is gold.

This is often mentioned to us by other mistreated tenants coming from larger mainstream real estate agencies.

We would also like to get some feedback from owners about how they are treated by their property managers and their thoughts what could be done to improve this service.

Thank you
Hi JR,

One issue I do have is the lack of initiative of PM's to source a Maintenance guy for small repairs.

Changing a washer on a tap, a seal on the toilet, a tile in the bathroom, a lock on the door, a light in the oven....does not require a Plumber, Electrician or a Locksmith.

I found most PM's only too happy to waste my money on something I could have done myself, or had a competant Maintence man repair.

Likewise, changing those darn Smoke Alarms does not require a Smoke Alarm Specialist.

What I have done is asked my Pm's to get the Maintence Man to change batteries in Smoke Alarms etc and check over a few other odd jobs while there.

Regards JO
I think an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with financial penalties on SLA breaches would be good.

For example, a response time SLA - emails to be responded with X hours, Phone to be picked up within Y minutes, responded within Z hours.

Breaches will incur reduction of PM fees for that month by A%

RTO (restore time objectives) would proabably be a bit hard to agree on (due to varying nature of issues).


The Y-man
do you seek this feedback from your current landlords?

i agree with the Y mans comments too. prompt service is important.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your responses.
Yes we do have systems in place to ensure that emails and phone calls are promptly responsed too, and we make sure that a client's assigned property manager is contactable via email and mobile phone whenever needed.
Having penalties for tardiness is an interesting idea and we will look into that.
We do however offer a property management guarantee of satisfaction, so this would fall under that.

Yes we do have systems in place to ensure that emails and phone calls are promptly responsed too

This is the interesting thing with SLA's - you can offer several flavours:


The Base offer could be a "by next business day response" - all care but no responsiblity - but of course dirt cheap

On the other end of the scale, the Platinum package for the "you'll have a personal PM contactible by mobile any time at your beck and call" type of thing (and charge a premium)...


The Y-man