1. Richard Feynman

    Will Brisbane outperform Sydney over the next 12 months?

    In terms of percentage growth across all dwelling types. I think it won't, but the ensuing 12 months (from June 2016 on) is likely to be a different story. This poll closes in 30 days and votes are public.
  2. Richard Feynman

    How much puff does Sydney have left?

    While I stopped buying in Sydney more than a year ago, I still reckon it's got some steam left in this cycle and am curious to hear what others think. This is part of a learning process for me; a combination of analysing data and trends (local, national and international), observing investor...
  3. N

    Grab a bargain in Sydney?

    I know there would be some people on here that are on the lookout for bargains in Sydney. So i've found some properties that have potential... lets say that the advertising won't attract many buyers, which is evident in the amount of people viewing the listings. Any keen people can try...
  4. JohnHenry

    Scope and Suggestion for Longterm Investing in Sydney area

    People, I'm looking to invest in Sydney area for a long term Capital Gain IP and perhaps moving on to the property as PPOR few years on. so based on further browsing on the internet and this forum, here is my summary of findings to limit the scope of the area for invest: Arncliffe...
  5. Gockie

    Parramatta meetup 7th May

    Hi! I can never make Wednesday nights so I'm suggesting my own meetup. :) Its Thursday night at the Albion hotel Parramatta 6.30pm, 7th May. Would love to see Somersofters there. Linda
  6. 4

    (Sydney - Quakers Hill) Only 2 applicants after 3 open home with 15 groups inspection

    Hi, I know this forum has many big names who know about Quakers Hill very well. Appreciate your advice on what I encountered on leasing my property out. It's a two bed room town house at Pye Road, about 12 minutes walking distance to the station, with flooring downstairs, auto garage...
  7. Richard Feynman

    How much steam does Sydney have left?

    I'm curious to see what folks reckon. How much growth do Sydney dwellings have left in this cycle before things taper off? Having experienced a pretty flat decade preceding this run, investor loans at all time highs, more and more SMSFs being set up and with a second rate cut (March/April)...
  8. Barangaroo


  9. C

    Boarding House City of Sydney

    I have a Former boarding house, deregistered by the dept of Fair Trading, my home for 27 years, it is divided into 3 units, completely separate, has been for 10 years, have paid land tax. In barge 2 City of Sydney Building inspectors who insist it is a boarding house and that I have to do a...
  10. Richard Feynman

    Sydney - 77% clearance rate for 3rd week running, 25% increase in stock week-on-week.

    After the seasonal dip, Sydney's pulled off three consecutive weeks with auction clearance rates reported by APM at 77%. There were 404 auctions last week, so volumes are up 25% yet clearance rates are identical...
  11. M

    Settled yesterday as my new PPOR

    After living in a house my entire life with my folks, I will be in the coming weeks moving to my new 2 bed unit in a complex of 3 blocks. My block is 14 stories while the other is 17 stories followed by the third which is only 3 story walk up. I bought a corner lot as I see that as the selling...
  12. M

    Sydney Metro prices in year 2020?

    Just curious as to your views on the average house and unit medium in 2020? Do you think all 2 bed 650 ? 750k units within 10kms will be worth the 1 million mark? I'm talking the average units; not the already 1 mil units with top floor water views. How about houses in the south, east, north...
  13. L

    Macquarie Park Old Vs. New

    I am a FHB looking to buy around the Macquarie Park/North Ryde area. I am looking for a place initially to stay and maybe to rent out later. I have the following two options to go for. I'd like to hear from other people which option you would go for... Option 1: Buying off the plan -...
  14. P

    Property Development

    Hi, I am looking at doing a small property development (2-4 townhouses or units) Can anyone give any tips? I am looking to develop in NSW (Close to Sydney). If you can suggest any areas that would be great. What are the basic costs involved in doing a development? - So I can do the...
  15. T

    Western sydney St Marys still going strong in 2014

    was looking at current prices today to get a valuation done and came across this property 1208 m under contract for around 815k the one next door same size block sold for 445k in October 2012...
  16. V

    Map of Rental Returns

    Hi everyone, I've been going through the ABS 2011 Census data to try and create some useful maps for property investors and I've created sets of maps for the five major Australian cities showing how much renters are paying. Hopefully, this will help you get an idea as to where it would be...
  17. impala67

    NAB Capital City House Price Forecasts 2014

    Property prices to keep growing News Limited Network - February 13, 2014 1:10PM PROPERTY prices are tipped to grow throughout all capital cities this year with new forecasts tipping...
  18. S

    Sydney or Newcastle?

    Hi guys, First time poster, long timer reader seeking your thoughts. My partner and I are considering entering the property market. We have been saving for a long while and are stable in our jobs 75k each before tax. We are late 20s, 300k in mostly cash, no debt. We currently renting in...
  19. D

    Investing in Western Sydney

    Hello! I'm completely new to property investment and really need some advice. I would like to spend around 350-400k on a property, probably a two bedroom unit. I want to buy in an area that will grow over the next couple years as opposed to just having a strong rental return. I've...
  20. Pins

    Is there anywhere in Sydney that is not screaming hot?

    Hi all Inner west, west, east, they all seem pretty hot right now. Is there anywhere in Sydney that is not totally crazee right now? Is it possible to buy BMV at the moment? I'm thinking about buying somewhere in the outer suburbs at around the 300k mark but will not be paying that for...