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Has anybody heard of ATDS? Are they any good and do they normally up the cost after you have already paid their initial invoice to have a depreciation Schedule done. We paid in full to have an onsite inspection complete with photo's and now they say they want another $220 as they no longer have an agent in the area, or they will just do a non site schedule which is not what we want. Is this the normal practice and where do we stand? All help/Advice will be appreciated. Also any recommandations for Chinchilla area QLS
I'm really not sure of the general practice, but to me that sounds rediculous. If an agreement has already been made and money exchanged, surely they can't charge you extra because something on their side has fallen through.

Will be interesting to see what the more experianced investors/Quantity Surveyor here have to say.
Thanks I know it is so wrong I would love to know what others think. Spoke to them this morning and they have offered to refund our money, They are supposed to be doing so straight away so here's hoping they do as they say this time around.
Anybody know if Deppro are ok?
Tell them you've already paid/agreed to the terms of business. Either have them complete the job you've paid for, or refund it if they don't want to do it.

I've used deppro and was good.
Thanks dtraeger2k
Spoke to Yenktesh Reddy this morning he is not prepared to do the job as paid for but has agreed to pay us our money back.
We also phoned Deppro up and spoke to Pamela, they are out Chinchilla this month so we are going to get them to do it for us.
Thanks verymuch for you help
Yenktesh Reddy is supposedly a member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors whose head office is in Canberra. Report him to them whether you get your money back or not. If you explained your requirements properly & he accepted the commission and lodged your cheque / payment, he had entered a contract with you. His refusal to carry out the work without being paid additional money is a breach of your contract with him. I must also admit that I'm a quantity surveyor but I don't do depreciation schedules so I've no axe to grind with him. I have recommended deppro to any number of people and I've never had any complaints.
Gee, that's a fiesty first post. Certainly reads like some axe grinding. I'm sure Yanktesh sorted out the refund and JPS25, who seems pretty accomodating, has since found another solution. I reckon alls well that ends well.
Members of the AIQS are supposed to have professional standards. What Yanktesh did was at best unprofessional and at worst breach of contract. Call it what it is