Question re bldg inspection

Hi there.

We've just signed a contract for our very first IP. YIPPEE!!!!!

The bldg inspection will be done next week. There is a problem in the bathroom with missing tiles on the base of the shower. Can a bldg inspector give me an idea of the costs of this? If not, do I have permission to get a quote from a plumber/builder regarding the cost? The contract becomes unconditional 3 business days after the inspection is being done, whether this has any bearing on anything.

And, once again, YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Well done & congratulations.....

I felt the same way when I recently signed up my first IP. Now I am looking at IP No.2 once my first one settles in a few weeks.

Time to renegotiate

Well done pjb89!

Now use the info from the building inspection to get what you want/need.

The agent has mentally spent his commission now that you've signed the contract. He is basically sweating out the cooling off period. Once it is unconditional he has you over a barrel.

Most building inspections I've seen can give an indication of the cost to fix. That is not the same as a quote.

So tell the agent you want to get your builder in to quote on all repairs NOW, before it goes unconditional. Do not go unconditional without knowing what costs you're up for.

The tiles are the obvious repair. Wait until you see the whole report.

Then you start to haggle with the agent/vendor all over again if you are feeling up to it.

There is a wealth of experience in here if you want to post your results as you go. Even try delving into the chat room to real time feedback.


Paul Zag
Congratulations phm and well done for getting in the game...

One very important issue with the building inspection is to make 100% certain that the building inspector keeps the report totally confidential and for your eyes only, definately don't let the vendor or agent see the report.

I made this mistake with my 1st IP purchase and was left astounded when i next spoke to the agent and was informed that the property inspection came up trumps even before i had seen the report or spoken with the inspector.......DOH

Agent 1 watto 0 :(
Hey PHM!!!


If there is a problem with the build inspect that you need more time to look into, ask your solicitor to call their solicitor and request an extension of the building inspection clause.

Tell them that you will cool off based on the information you currently have, and that you would still like to proceed, but you require further information.

Good luck with it,

let us know how it goes,

hope this helps,

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