"Re; Anton situation, a general query"

From: Denise Macadam


Read with horror of the awful situation Anton has encountered, God i feel so sorry for you. The wise responses we can all learn from.
In the "Anton" situation, if the tenants from hell shoot through - do not attend the tribunal or make application for their bond money. They cut their losses so to speak, having caused so much damage - no forwarding address or contact details.
The tribunal finds in "Antons" favour, no tenants to be held responsible. If found they just claim they don't have a cent, and no insurance company to claim from. Apart from the bond money,does "Anton" have any other source to get money from???? or is he alone stuck with the huge repair bill and a very expensive education!?
Best of luck Anton, what goes around comes around eventually - lets hope those creeps get what's coming to them sooner or later.

2nd question:
I am looking at attending a one day seminar with Geoff Doidge In Brisbane, (where I live).
Has any forum reader actually attended this seminar, as I have seen his name mentioned in a post or two, if so would you mind giving me some honest feedback on what you thought of it for the price? I have never been a fan of the "big promises, lots of talk" type of seminar - and readily admit to being a bit sceptical. A thousand bucks for one day seems quite a bit to me, it appears his seminar business may be more profitable than the property and renovations work he does!. I have received all the marketing hype from his company but would really appreciate some "real people, real experience" responses on the quality of the information given,was there too much to digest in one day etc?

Kind regards,
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From: Sim' Hampel

I have not been to any of Geoff's seminars - he cancelled the ones I was scheduled to go to :(

But, he does come very highly regarded by many people here - and I have heard very good reports from many people who have attended his seminars.

However, in the past the seminars were just a hobby, and were relatively cheap for such good information. He has recently found himself a manager who is driving his seminar business now, and as such I believe he has increased his rates significantly - indeed it is more of a business than a hobby for him now.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this of course, but I have not spoken to anyone who has attended one of the new "more professional" courses and so don't know if it is still considered value for money. Given the quality of Geoff's information, it most likely is.

Anyone care to comment ?

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From: Michael Croft

I consider myself a pro when it comes to renos and Geoff Doidge's seminar are good - did his course too. The qualification I would place is that 99% of his and Paul's renos are on timber cottages. If you come from that part of the world well and good, but brick veneer and cavity (double) brick renos down south are a little different. Also the (re)development examples are Brisbane specific.

That said, I don't know what he is charging these days but they were good value for money a year ago and were full of great ideas for a newbie.

Michael Croft
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