Redfern Property

Hi Guys

Looking at getting my first property and was wondering what peoples thoughts are on something at the lower end of the price range in a suburb such as Redfern. Have found a couple of 2 bedder examples below.


Budget is approximately up to 450k, and would prefer something close-ish to the city. Think they are a bit on the cheaper side due to their proximity to Redfern station, but I'm sure down the track the place will clean up a bit so am willing to put up with it for a while especially considering the rental return in the area. Any thoughts??


I'm not familiar with the apartment scene but have been looking at houses there for the last 7 months or so. The two apartments you listed are away from the high rise housing commission blocks but on the busy Regent St / Gibbons St area. Proximity to Redfern station does not necessarily mean lower prices - a 3 bedroom terrace 300m from Eveleigh St sold for $900k not so long ago. But generally speaking, the further east you go, the higher the prices get. Check out Chippendale too.