Reno cost advice?

Hi somersofters!

Looking to purchase our first IP which has some great features but needs a Reno. It's a large 3x1 but with rather small bedrooms

Wondering if anyone could provide some input on the following costs- trying to determine if it's worth our while to purchase and reno.

The aim is to increase value but also rental yield

Kitchen- new appliances, replace bench tops, new door handles, : $3,500
Bathroom- new vanity, toilet, shower screen : $2,000

Pull up carpet and lay floorboards - $7,000

Paint the whole place including ceiling. There's also a lot of panelling $5,000

There's some other things we are considering which we have no idea on!

Turning the current bathroom / toilet into 2 bathrooms - would involve knocking down a wall and building a new one. Total area would remain the same (it's a large bathroom)- is this worth it to get a second bathroom?

Extend one end of the house by 2m to make rooms bigger- so total increase of around 15m2. The house has vaulted ceilings so this would just be an extension of this- any ideas on cost for this?

Thanks in advance!!
I think the pricing seems reasonable. Will you do the work? Or some of it?

The flooring may be able to be reduced. Why not replace carpet could be cheaper. What is under the carpet? Polish the floorboards maybe??
Grays online for kitchen appliances
Ebay for bathroom vanity etc

can you post a sketch of layout for splitting the bathroom. Can one be a ensuit? Also the extension of the wall? Photo?? Will it need council approval? If so don't touch it.

Then add 20% to your budget for contingency!!