Secure Mesh Door v Pet mesh

I have a big sliding glass door on the back of my house and am getting a sliding mesh door made for it I cant decide weather to go for the secure mesh or just a pet mesh. I like the idea of being able to leave the back door open without any worries but think i might be being overly paranoid.

Anyone had experience with secure mesh sliding doors or had to make a similar decision.
I've got one of each.

Pet mesh on the door leading to the patio (as we have cats), this door doesn't get left open at night.

Security mesh on the sliding door leading from our bedroom to the pool area as we like to leave it open while we sleep.

The security mesh is quite expensive BUT it works as opposed to grill which doesn't (no matter what they tell you). On the other hand, pet mesh is just that, stronger than normal flywire which is resistant to the damage of climbing cats, no security benefit at all.

Hope that helps.
We have something (not sure what it is) that you can't see through into the house but you can see out, its really solid and its totally resistant to cats - you could take a hammer to it and it wouldn't dent. I guess this is the secure stuff. Bloody brilliant.
Regular mesh

If you want security, go with security mesh. As for pet mesh, it generally costs several times as much as regular mesh so it's often better value to just replace the regular mesh once or twice over a few years depending on how aggressive your moggies are. We have two cats and they like to scale the mesh to get at geckos but haven't caused significant damage to the regular mesh in a couple of years.
I think Pet Mesh is a lot better than standard fly screen. Mine is 5 years old & not a mark on it, despite 2 dogs scratching at it daily. I have been told you can get it a lot cheaper now from Trade Warehouse Direct. Not suitable as security mesh though
pet mesh = powder coated aluminium held in place by plastic molding
security mesh = powder coated stainless retained by screws/clamps

ones good for pets and ones good for unwanted guests, its you choice what you need it for.