Shower screens help

I have 3 walls being tiled. I only need a door/screen for this shower.

I have been looking into something like but where can i find someone that can do that in syd?

I tried ringing them but i couldnt get in touch, plus i need it this sat to install :D You would think a 90cm shower screen shouldnt be too hard to locate lol. (Only ones i have seen are the 2 wall shower screens.

There are 2 types of screen that you can have , a framed screen ( cheaper ) or frameless ( expensive ) , nearly all shower screen company's can fit them , you could try ezy glide and ask for neal 9587 6077 and they will come out and give you a quote on both types

One thing to note is when installing your wall hung swing door (Especially if its a 10mm which are very heavy) you will need to swing the door of a stud or frame work in your wall (screw and plug your hinges into them), otherwise in time the weight will pull your tiles off and the door will more than likely drop and hit your tile floor and explode into a million pieces. Also possibly causing damage to anything in your bathroom along with minor cuts to anyone who happens to be in there if this was to happen. As for your fixed panel it can simply just be fit off your wall but do plug your screws into your tiles, as the weight on this panel will be minimal compared to the weight of your door.

Im not sure if this company you talk about stocks standard sizes in store, but usually for the best fit a custom size will be needed along with a measure and quote. You said you need it by saturday assuming today which wouldnt give enough time for anyone to measure and quote for you, along with having to actually cut the glass and the have the glass toughened, which depending on supplier can take up to 10 business days. But by all means if you cant get a hold of this company alot of auction houses stock 10mm frameless showers, and bunnings where i live do also, although you wil lbe limited in what you can buy of course.

But in the event you end up stuck do call the professionals.

Please note i work for Regency Shower Screens and Wardrobes.

Or if there isnt a regency near by another good shower screen retailer is Stegbar.

All the best.

harry out
we bought some from grays online and there are also often ones on ebay being sold.
but you have to obviously make sure they are exactly the size that you need. and get 10mm thick ones.
So did you get it?

I find getting things on short notice is impossible unless you're after something bog standard Bunnings sells, in which case there probably isn't much point going anywhere other than Bunnings. And you better hope your gap is EXACTLY 900 or you're screwed.

I needed a vanity the other day, sure there's vanities for sale here and in Bunnings but when you need a narrow one ... that'll be two weeks to order it in, thanks ...

So I get to spend two weeks with a sink in several small pieces, held together by silicone and duct tape so we can still use it *sigh*.
Thanks for the replies guys.

As suspected i couldnt get one in time, have to wait on a few quotes coming in this week to see what im up for :)