Strathalbyn SA or Bundury WA


Would love some input and suggestions/advice on these areas.

I am looking at completing a simple sub division (one block into two) in either area.

Strathalbyn SA - Is located in a street close to the town centre. Will be purchasing land to then build two houses that could also have dual occupancy available within the house. Blocks of interest are already on two titles. Land about $150 000 each ($300 000 total), then build about $200 000 each side. Will sell off one and keep the other as long term investment. Owner wants both blocks sold so know have more neg if buy both.

Bunbury WA - Is a block about 780 m sq with a old house on the front. Idea is to sub divide with a battle-axe style block on the back. Sell off back block and keep front house and later complete a small renovation. Purchase is about $230 000 then est sale of back block $150 000.

Both are of interest and only currently looking into the deals.

Does anyone know much about the areas, councils regarding sub divisions etc... What I should look out for etc...

Happy to provide further info if required also.

Look forward to any replies.
Strathalbyn SA

I live about 15 km,s from "Strath", nice place.Recently i looked to relocate there from Mount Barker,but chose not too for personal reasons.I believe the rental market is tight as down there for 4/2/2.Strath is within the Alexandrina council which i believe is development proactive,so that's a plus.Lots of people commute to Adelaide from Strath onto the Freeway at Mount Barker.Just watch your Capital Growth projections, depending on what you buy and build will dictate this.
Stick to metro areas in my opinion

You can still satisfy your preferences of sub dividable block and cash flow positive
Bunbury is a good spot - would be better if could start linking our regional capitals with some bloody trains.

I like Bunbury - fundamentals are there for houses, but not so for apartments.

Just get as close as physically possible to the CBD - but the only exception to that rule is South Bunbury - it's like Dalkeith, only cheaper. Some beautiful streets through there - very desirable place to live.