"The Week That Was: 29/12-4/1, 2000"

From: Mike .

Hi There,

The week of New Years 2000 brought 4 threads and 15 posts all up. More importantly, a new name appeared on the forum. Even better still Gee Cee is still with us and still going strong. The forum is his cyber-home. Well-done, old-timer.

Trivia Time: Gee Cee first posted on the 30/12/99.

Topics Included: 1st IP, Valuations, Self-employed, Equity, Goals.

Quotable Quotes:

From Peter: "Hello & Happy New Year."

From Gee Cee: "Happy new millennium to all the participants of this wonderful Forum."

From Les: "Good luck with your decision - and keep asking, reading, and feeding that brain - IT is the key to a less risky future for you."

From Steve: "Has anyone got any advice as to whether I should sell my Gold Coast duplex (as I did the dumb thing and paid too much in 1996)?"

Me: It's a pity this forum wasn't around pre 1996. Forum advice may have prevented Steve purchasing that GC duplex.

From Debra: "I have just found this Forum and think the whole thing is a great idea."

Me: So, why did you only post this once Debra, never to be heard of again?

From Debra: "Les, I note from the number of comments to the forum that you have quite a vast knowledge of property investment."

From Les: "Debra, as a quick comment, I have a little more time than most and I read a lot - so most of my answers are almost direct paraphrases of Jan Somers, Robert Kiyosaki, John Fitzgerald, and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all ;^)"

From Debra: "Please don't think I am being too snoopy. I just think a cross section of the backgrounds of some of the people that submit to the forum would make it even more interesting."

From Les: "- might be "WHO's WHO" or maybe someone else has a better name."

From Helen: "Les, Your idea about a Who's Who page is unreal. Would certainly contribute myself and be interested in reading about others using the questions set out by Debra previously. I prefer learning from 'friends' rather than companies who are out to make money out of you as their first priority. Look forward to it."

Me again: A great idea which obviously didn't eventuate but networking via Cashflow Events and BBQ's has been very successful.

Classic Post:

Sue notches up another with her reply to MJD's question:

"How often would you get professional valuations done on investment properties, yearly, every two years? Comments appreciated."
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From: Gee Cee Cee

It's only that I am not allowed out that I am still stuck here in Cyber "Forum" Space.

I have applied with my wife already though for 8 hrs release to attend the "LUNCH AT THE ROCKS on SATURDAY 12th May.

See some of Ya's there.

Gee Cee

The conservative old fart / Old Timer.
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From: Guy Wood

What are 'Cashflow Events & BBQ's'?
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