Tinted Wall Mirror

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows who would supply & fit one of these in Melbourne and roughly how much would it cost. See pic.
I saw it at a Henley display home and would love it done to a wall in my house.



Not sure what I was suppose to be looking at

was the mirrors on the wall ?

If it was most, glass companies will do it , you can choose how you want the edges done either polished or bevelled , then the mirror in what they call silver = normal mirror , bronze or grey ,and they will measure it up to suit your wall .

Just remember you will want them in 3 pieces , ( if you only have 2 the join will be right in the centre where most people stand ) so just do a quick measure and see if the space is large enough for 3 pieces of mirror. Other wise they will be either too tall and thin or too wide and fat .

If not you may need to get creative with your sizing to get 3 pieces, large centre piece and with 2 smaller outside pieces or if a wide wall go to 5 pieces .

hope this helps

and also hope it was about the mirrors :eek:

I was thinking the same as darcy... not sure what you're looking at! But if you look closely you can see that the walls are mirrors.

Cool effect, but sorry I don't know how much this would cost!

directly behind the table with the vases is a wall that is covered fully with mirror panels. So the right portion of the picture is a mirror of the existing on the left.

sweet, ill give some glass companies are cool. Thanks for info