Warranties - When do they Start??

If I build a new house when do the warranties commence for things like, stove, garage door etc?? Does it commence on Installation or Practical Completion/Handover??

If the item has 12 months warranty and say the house takes 12 months to build and appliances are fitted at 6 months do I get 6 months warranty when I own the house or the full 12 months??

As you might have guessed we are having an argument with the person who fitted the roller door who is adament the warranty commences on installation.

We have phoned BSA but they said it is not their area. The OFT said that everything has a statutory warranty which could be argued either way.

This is in QLD.

Your opinions much appreciated.
from a supplier point of view they would want to see proof of purchase. Therefore at best it would be from the time the builder bought the goods, however with smaller suppliers I have seen them argue that it was from the time they sold the goods to the merchant that the builder bought them from. If you are lucky the paperwork will state what the terms are - the best warranties offer x years from installation.