Welcome to the Property Investors Forum !


Hi all, I'd like to add my welcome to the new forum. I am delighted to be involved in setting up this new facility for Somersoft to continue the great work that Ian and Jan Somers started a few years back.

I hope you find this new forum even more valuable than the ealier ones were - I have got so much out of the forum and the people I have met through it. I am only too glad to be giving something back and helping to ensure that this fantastic community continues to grow and add value to so many people's investing lives.

A couple of administrative things... if you need help there are several places you can (and should) go...

  • For information about how to use some of the features of this software we are using to run the forums, click on the "f.a.q." button at the top of the page.
  • For information specific to how we run this site ourselves, refer to the "Help and Feedback" forum - there I will post Frequently Asked Questions (and answers !) about how we have this set up. Feel free to post a question (or an answer !) about how to do something in that forum and we will try and help you out.
  • Also check this "Announcements" forum for information from the administrators of the forums.
  • There is the chatroom - a link to it can be found near the top right hand side of the main forum page "Go to chatroom..." - come on in, there is often someone in the chatroom who is able to answer your questions.
  • You can try using the Private Message features of this software to ask a question directly. I would prefer you post a question in the "Forum Help and Feedback" forum though, because if you are having problems then it is likely that someone else has had the same problem, and everyone would benefit from knowing the answers.
  • Each forum has one or more moderators. For questions relating to a particular forum, feel free to send a message directly to the moderators.
  • Forums also have their own usage and posting guidelines. A basic idea of what is allowed should be provided in the forum description on the main page, but most forums will also have a post when you enter them that described the posting guidelines and how that forum is to be used.
  • Of course if all else fails you can always email the WebMaster, but once again, it may be better for everyone if you post a message in the Help and Feedback forum (if you can) so everyone can learn from it.

Have fun and keep learning !
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