What does everyone think about this kind of deal?

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Don't know a single thing about it, and what is printed on that brochure doesn't mean diddly squat. I cannot rely on a single word.

Other than what is on the brochure, what info do you have ??
I recall these guys saying they wont sell for less than $30k comm i think it was. they are worse than the guy with the big hat
Itis a nice picture of the beach though- that has got to count for something.

No excel on this computer so I didn't see the figures. I think though:
1. You'll be gouged on body corp and management fees
2. Tenants will be lower socio economic despite assurances
3. Won't be near the beach and its beachbreak down there anyway unless you go to the spit.
4. Is there some way you can sign up for the affordable housing scam with a developer in the middle?
5. 10 year lease is a long time. The able general above all favours freedom to manoeuvre : Sun Tzu.

On the bright side there is a clothes optional beach nearby :cool: