What does water cost?

Just trying to get a handle on anticipated bills ...

We've never had a water bill here (well, we have had a few quarterly supply charge bills but none with *water* charges). My last house didn't have a water meter. Before that I was renting, and before that I owned a house but it was so long ago now I can't remember what I paid for water and even if I could I don't think it would be relevant.

So what does water cost these days? We're a family of 2 adults, 2 kidlets and haven't been watering the yard since we moved here (it hasn't stopped raining since we moved here :rolleyes:)
A lot more than it did last year. Is it just me, or has water gone up recently in Melbourne?? I just received my latest bill... $198 and I live in a little apartment with no garden! My IP was $160 (without water useage). Both of these are with SE Water Melbourne. I know both these include that annual parks charge, but I'm sure that's a lot more than I've ever paid for water.
Why not give your local council a call, ask them the average use for a family of four, and how much per kL. Then you will be prepared for the bill when it arrives.
Got a tenant whos last bill was $198 for herself and three kids. There is no tank though....at home here we have 2 tanks for a total storage of 5000gal and our water bill is usually in the vacinity of $10 as we only use town water for the WC's and laundry......when it's raining and tanks are overflowing we have luxury...baths and washing the clothes in tank water....even did the car the other day with tank water....:eek:

So..if you can install a tank or two and can get enough rain, it's a saver for sure.....we even got the rebate of $1k....:)
Oh, it rains enough here we could easily live off tankwater - and we'd actually qualify for the rebate here, at the old house we bought 4 big tanks new and never got the rebate - but right now we're on mains. The water from the roof here drains into an underground 15' deep tank (well it did - we've diverted it onto the empty block) and from there it soaks away dramatically quickly when you're not looking :rolleyes: We will probably stick a bunch of fine gravel in the bottom of it eventually and drop in a fibreglass or polytank. This house still has a windmill tower and a high tank stand that used to suck the water up from the underground tank into the high tank and gravity feed the house.

I'm just wondering if I should be expecting a $20 ... $50 ... $100 ... $500 bill ... over and above the supply/sewer charge, of course, which seems to be the most variable component as it is based on property value - THAT bit is a flat $47 per quarter.