Where to buy Cheap Tiles in Melbourne

Hi, I need one of the floor tiled at home. I was hoping to be able to source the tiles so i could bring down the overall cost.

I did a search on the site but didn't have any luck finding anywhere in Mel.
I've looked at the usual sites, graysonline and ebay. Was hoping the more experenced renovators here, can shed some light on stores which may have
end of line stuff that i may be able to pick up. as the area is not very big.

thanks in advance!

Hi Huntresslove

I normally get my tiles from Western Distributors on McEntyre Road in sunshine North - they are reasonably priced. You always ask for trade price and they reduce about $3/metre from the marked price.

Sometimes they have left over stock of may be 5 to 10 metres and sale cheap.

You can also get tiles at Fowles Auction in Port Melbourne, their price is pretty much similar to Western Distributors.

Best of luck.
Coburg Tiles in Sydney Rd Fawkner are the cheapest nice tiles I have found. Fabulous polished marble look 400 x 400 $20 pm
Every tile joint I go into has specials. They all have discontinued stock etc.

Just spend a day driving around and you'll find one that has what you need eventually.