Wooden Blinds

Hello Again

Does anyone know a good wood bling supplier in melbourne. I have popped into Spotlight to get a price but would like a comparison.

Any suggsetions would be great.

Oh yeah any suggestions for lining for curtains besides spotlight?

Re the blinds, there are lots of online places that are quite good. Most will give you a quote online if you put in your measurements. We've not bought timber venetians from them, but have bought quite a few roller/holland blinds and been generally impressed with the quality/service.
You can start with these, but google will find you more:

Re the curtain lining, maybe try Lincraft stores?
I got mine from Bunnings who have a cut to size service. I was very impressed and when the tilter mechanism went on one recently, the manufacturer sent me two new ones free in the post !
We compared the wooden venetian prices between Spotlight and Super a Mart and found Super A mart much cheaper
I looked to buy a number of them a few years back.

White PVC wood look blinds were what the designers were all buying - they were cheaper than timber and looked like the ducks guts.

Buying off the rack at Spotlight was quite cheap but if you wanted non standard sizes then the price went up dramatically. I guess Australian labour prices vs Chinese Labour was the key factor there.

But today you'd think that ordering online from China might be quite viable. I have bought wholesale direct from China (not blinds) and found the costs and ease to be much better than I had expected.
years ago i bought mine from curtain wonderland as there cutting to size was heaps cheaper than bunnings or spotlight.