Zillmere and Geebung in North Brisbane

Talk about value for money! I really recommend these two suburbs. Have had some excellent luck here, near the train stations.

What do you think about these suburbs? In Zillmere, we are talking on the Aspley side right near train station. In Geebung, again, right near the new $200 million dollar train station.

Just curious, cheers,

I think I can jump in and answer this one (as someone who owns a TH in the area). Supply of townhouses and villas in these areas way outstrip demand. I reckon it'll take a good two years minimum for demand to catch up. Houses though, are the go in this area. There is little supply yet high demand from working families who need bigger yards than villas/TH's can offer, for their kids and pets.

I mentioned I bought a TH and despite the above I don't regret the decision. The reason being is I bought it significantly under-value, knowing that CG would be muted in the short term (for above mentioned reasons), but the cheap buy offsetted this enough to void my short-term concern.

The key thing in Zillmere especially though, is land. Once it's all developed with all those TH's and villas being built, I imagine that supply will be pretty maxed and latent demand will catch up, causing a shift in CG on those property types. It is a waiting game but IMO a relatively safe one.
Personally i would avoid both suburbs due to an oversupply in the market.

We are not putting any of our BA clients into either suburb as i think you invest your money more wisely.

We have definitely seen an upswing on the rental demand over the last couple of months after a period of some stagnation.

My own properties have again jumped in value and i think 2015 should be encouraging allround for the Brisbane market.

closer to brisbane cbd

I notice these suburbs mentioned and have seen the development going on there.
i chose to develop in Lutwyche and Kedron and am selling off the plan.
The cheapest 2br ive seen are around 440k in kedron and its close to hospital and chermside shopping centre.

going further out may not get much cheaper.
Airport is doing another runway..!!

overall any north suburb out to 10km should be good.
Check the BCC floodmaps to confirm, but in my due diligence, most of Zillmere and Geebung is pretty floodsafe. Again, do your own homework to confirm.