1. E

    advice needed on first investment property

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice. I am at a stage where I am ready to invest in my first investment property, I?ve spent a bit of time reading books and checking this forum for days on end. However I am still very confused as to the exactly area I want to be purchasing in. I am...
  2. B

    Looking for a buyers agent - Brisbane

    Hi all It's IP buying time and seeing as I'm in NSW I am looking for a buyer's agent in Brisbane. I'm hopeful of finding property in the Moreton bay regional council area. Of course I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks
  3. jsoe

    Samford Valley QLD

    Hello investors, Could you please shed me some light on the above suburbs? We love acreage properties but never bought one in Brisbane. We love this suburb because it's only 30 minutes from the CBD and you could get acreage for under $1m. Strategy: Buy now - rent out for 2 years and...
  4. Richard Feynman

    Will Brisbane outperform Sydney over the next 12 months?

    In terms of percentage growth across all dwelling types. I think it won't, but the ensuing 12 months (from June 2016 on) is likely to be a different story. This poll closes in 30 days and votes are public.
  5. E

    Which one? Redcliffe, Brighton or Slacks Creek

    Need opinion on which area to research further, and probably visit in 1-2 months So far I narrowed down to three areas: Slacks Creek Pros: Within 20km to Brisbane Within budget (300K mark for houses), and a lot more affordable compared to neighbouring suburbs such as Daisy Hills and...
  6. Gedro

    Anyone heard of Managed Property? Brisbane based Property Managers

    I've just purchased a 3 bedroom unit in Morningside QLD and am looking for a property manager. I came across Managed Property ( that only charge $22/wk. This appears to be good value. Has anyone tried them? Any other Property Manager recommendations for...
  7. G

    Help- North Brisbane area for second IP?

    Hello all, After researching for what seems like forever I'm ready to purchase my second investment property. I am from Sydney but am looking to purchase a house at the 350k mark in the northern brisbane area. With the intention to do a cheap reno and rent it out and hold. and repeat...
  8. G

    Agent in Brisbane

    Hey guys, has anyone had any experience with real estate agents or property managers in the Brisbane area (Moorooka) we have been with a couple and they have been very disappointing and seem overpriced compared to Melbourne but maybe around the 8-9% is standard up there? Could anyone reccomend...
  9. K

    Starter investor seeking advices for investing apartments

    Hey guys. I have just registered this forum and I?m very new to property investment. I want to ask for advices from you experienced investors about investing an off plan apartment in Brisbane. planning settle date is middle 2017 The reason that I ask about this topic is because a friend of mine...
  10. B

    Zillmere and Geebung in North Brisbane

    Talk about value for money! I really recommend these two suburbs. Have had some excellent luck here, near the train stations. What do you think about these suburbs? In Zillmere, we are talking on the Aspley side right near train station. In Geebung, again, right near the new $200 million...
  11. P

    OTP buying - Fortitude Valley -2016 completion

    Hello All, I am close to signing up for an off the plan apartment in one of the multi-storey building being constructed in Fortitude Valley with my SO. This would be my first IP for an approximately $530K property to be setled in 2016 with a 10% deposit now. This is being done with a...
  12. F

    Sell PPOR for IP??

    Hi All, Just wanting some advise. I am 26 and have a PPOR in Brisbane and a new IP in Toowoomba which is neutrally geared. Based on bank valuations and market values if I sold my PPOR in Brisbane I could potentially walk away with $200k after paying out my mortgage. It is getting...
  13. R

    Sunshine Coast

    There has been very little chat about the Sunshine Coast on SS recently, which is either a bad sign (smart investors are staying away), or a good thing (smart investors are keeping quiet!). I'm starting to look seriously at purchasing an IP on the coast - there are certainly bargains to be...
  14. C

    Need help in deciding what to develop - Brisbane

    I have an inner city Brisbane site in a mixed use zone. The intention is to demolish the existing house and build something I will live as well as some additional residential or commercial space eg office/retail/cafe to lease to generate income. The site is 410m2, fairly flat and narrow ? about...
  15. E

    Approximate reno cost around south east brisbane?

    Hi SS, I'm looking for the 2nd IP around the area - some of them needing proper lift up with (old kitchen, remove carpet and polish floorboard, new bathroom, etc). Before I start considering IP that need works, I want to get a general idea how much it will cost (and the quality expected)...
  16. T

    Periodic lease & increasing the rent

    Long term stalker first time poster. First time buying in Brisbane and I'm trying to do all my homework, I have found a property and am planning on making an offer, its a decent place and a nice area but the current owners have a tenant on a periodic lease way below the market rate, about...
  17. A

    anyone recommend an agent in Brisbane?

    G'day (first post here). I'm wondering anyone can recommend me a good agent in Brisbane? I'm looking to buy a house (not unit) just out of town(3-10km), but I'm in NSW and with the current trend for many(most?) properties being listed for auction or without a price, I figure that search the...
  18. M

    Brisbane Property Management - Rental Guardians

    Hi all, I'm a long-time lurker on this forum so I figure it's about time I contribute. For anyone looking for a full service property manager in Brisbane I would highly recommend Rental Guardians. They are a relatively new management company. I have several properties and have dealt with many...
  19. B

    Would you invest Reservoir in Melbourne or somewhere Brisbane???

    Right, first time poster long time stalker. My wife and I are getting onto the property investment wagon and we're looking for some advice. We have a property in Reservoir, Melbourne, that we could put 3 townhouses on. Debating whether to develop or invest in Brisbane. What would you...
  20. R

    Market Requirements for Units

    Dose anyone have a current idea or advice on what the market ie. owners, investors & tenants, are looking for in a unit? Currently in preliminary stages of DA on a small block of units in Brisbane and have meetings scheduled with estate agents to discuss the above. But, thought I would try the...