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    CGT Question

    6year rule is completely separate in this case, is it not? Even if it was an IP first, then you lived in it as PPOR, and then moved overseas etc, you can still claim it as your PPOR for up to 6 years. You just have to pay CGT on the portion it was an IP, rather than the whole lot being...
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    Are credit conditions easing?

    Welcome to interest rates in Japan.
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    Move in for 3 months and save on CGT

    From memory, correct me if I'm wrong: If it was rented out before you live in it, then you would have to apportion that time and pay CGT on it. If you lived in it first then rented it out, you get 6yrs CGT exemption. Then you can move back after 5.5 years and reset the CGT exemption to...
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    DEPPRO depreciation report

    Both my accountant and property manager recommended Deppro, and I managed to get a discount through the property manager - saved $100 or so on the report. Try asking your property manager or accountant?
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    Sydney -the best market in the short term

    That's amazing and ridiculous at the same time.
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    Perth CBD latest

    That's an interesting idea for development, as the area is so dead unless theres something on at the WACA. I would also be up for getting rid of the racetrack and filling that whole area in with residential too. The causeway and roundabout is going to be a mess in the mornings though.
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    Actual Real Value of New Home Build?

    Indeed it does. :cool: Property developers wouldn't be interested in a project unless it returned at least 20% profit in equity or value. But what happens when the market crashes halfway through a build, ie end of 2008 - the value is less than the cost to build, ouch. Which all comes down to the...
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    Actual Real Value of New Home Build?

    Well, building usually (should) add a load of equity. That said, the eventual value is simply what it is worth and what people will pay in the current market.
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    Perth - Start of New Boom 2011 ?

    Jen, what type of vacancy rates are you experiencing? If any? EDIT, sorry I realised I just repeated Ed's question. please reply to his post
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    Anyone else looking in Perth at the moment?

    Fingers crossed on this one. Hoping they get rid of all the industry on G. Eastern Hwy there around Ascot and replace it with commerce like Osborne Park. Should lift values in the Belmont/Rivervale/Cloverdale region. Are you also including that pocket between Main St and the freeway, around...
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    WA - are you ready...?

    Coulda fooled me. Just rented out IP1 - same rent as April last year, almost 3 weeks to find a tenant. With all the news and banter, I was expecting $10 to $20 more rent per week and people clammoring to get in there the first day it was advertised for rent. So where are all these new people...
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    New to Perth

    Atwell to Burswood everyday would drive me nuts too. Definitely eastward, avoid going through the city if possible.
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    Developing in Perth

    Gooram sounds on track with CGT, except I thought it was 6 years. If you sell before one year after a development, you may be up for GST as well. But I guess the OP didn't mention selling. Which comes to Gooram's other point, how are you planning to rinse and repeat the process?
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    Should I move to the US?

    That's crazy. My only contact with the US comes from a trip to Hawaii, where you have multimillion dollar properties in and around Waikiki and up past Diamondhead to Kahala, then round the back you have almost 3rd world villages - with huge Dodge Rams out the front. In between, right up from...
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    Should I move to the US?

    Wow, this wasn't a serious post, just a link to the newscom article, as it was an interesting read. Interesting idea, but yeh, living in the USA is the main turnoff. Getting a visa would be tricky too. Some nice points listed here though!!