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    How to determine a structural wall?

    "cut roof" aka "stick rooves" are still the most common over here in WA. I much prefered putting them up, as do I much prefer to live under one. Easiest way to work these sorts of things out is to have a flick through the relative timber framing codes in your state. It's not rocket science...
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    Q. for broker/banker

    thanks very much. But you can't rest easy until settlement I guess, so until then, fingers crossed.] the place needs a bit of a face lift & a tidy up, but it's exactly what we were looking for.
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    Q. for broker/banker

    Central Ballajura. That should be a big enough clue considering theres only 2 for sale in Central Ballajura (near Jacana Park). Cheers Steve
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    Q. for broker/banker

    Thanks for the advice guys. Well, as it turns out we ended up having the 10% and went with the Premium product anyway. Which is obviously good news for us. Brought our LMI costs down a heap too which is great. We applied last Tues, received conditional app. on Friday and last we heard...
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    Broker Comm's

    excellent, pretty much explained everything I was wanting to know. Thanks for the reply.
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    Broker Comm's

    My partner & I have just bought our first place, and her parents asked her how much comm the broker gets from the bank we've gone with (BW). Their argument is that we can't be sure if broker is suggesting the right product for us, as it may depend on how much he/she is receiving from the bank in...
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    Q. for broker/banker

    This is what i figured, thanks for clarifying though. I was just worried about the deposit for the agent coming out and no longer having the 5%, but you advice seems logical, thanks again.
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    Getting to know AUS!

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know how you interstate investors got to know other states well enough to be able to buy there? This might sound incredibly obvious but did you just simply get on a plane & spend some time in other states? I know you can learn a lot from forums like SS, but surely...
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    Q. for broker/banker

    My Partner & I are applying for finance today for a property we successfully offered on last week. The product we will be applying for is the BW Mortgage Shredder (95%). The offer was accepted @ $367 500, which means we will be showing genuine savings of $18,375, which we have. My question...
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    Does text message qualify as a reseipt?

    I wouldn't pay prior to receiving the Tax Invoice.
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    Ceiling Heights

    With great profits, comes great responsibility. If the $ is so good, why doesn't everybody build?? Not having a go, just saying you can't put them all in the same basket. For example, you must be some what happy with the quote which was the cheapest by 82k?? TBH, 82k sounds ridiculous...
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    Ocean Reef, Perth WA

    I was going to say the same thing. $100k will be some form of consultation, that's it.
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    old house need work and I'm overwhelmed

    There are a lot of items there... but as Pa1nter said, they're all relatively small. Most of which can be taken care of by a handyman. Don't be afriad by the things requiring a tradesman (painter, roof plumber, carpenter) as these items are pretty small and pending a half decent tradesman it...
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    BankWest, the bank of opportunity for FHB

    But if all you could borrow was 95%, you'd be left with little choice, right?
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    BankWest, the bank of opportunity for FHB

    Thanks Kristine, that's good to hear