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    Tenant can't get gas

    Just make sure they use it outside. I am sure these are not approved for indoor use. Ian
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    Method of Payment in China

    28 Degrees is the way to go. You can also load it with cash and withdraw it for no fees. I am currently in the US and solely using 28 Degrees card with no issues at all and not being charged any fees for credit purchases or cash withdrawals. Only possible problem I have found is they give you a...
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    Chuck Norris

    Go to Type in the term: reverse google Then hit "I'm feeling lucky"
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    CGT Tax 6 year rule

    Thanks all for the responses. Just for arguements sake if we were only friends then it wouldnt have been viewed as a domestic relationship and the sale would have been excempt from CGT for the first 6 years??? Ian
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    CGT Tax 6 year rule

    Hi All, Hope someone can help clarify the following. I just happened to be reading an API magazine from last year where in the Q and A section it states that if turn your PPOR into an investment property and you do not own a PPOR then it has CGT-free status for up to 6 years. Our...
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    Hi Nards We have done a road trip from Adelaide to Darwin via Katherine, Kakuda, Litchfiled etc etc. My one biggest reccomendation is make sure camping equipment is mozzie proof we camped at cooinda (yellow waters) in the back of an old landcruiser and the mozzies were hell. In the morning...
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    Thinking about buying a spa ..recommendations

    Hi Novar, Go for it and buy one. I brought one for my old place out of the trading post for $1250.00. I didnt want it but the wife really did. Plumbed it all in myself so only cost a few hundred, and went well with the new pergola I was building. From someone who didnt want one after a...
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    Building and Pest inspection - Adelaide

    Hi Ming I used Professional House Inspections and found them great. Rang him once and he orgainsed the rest and sent the report via post. BTW: check out the photos on his site, it is amazing some of the dodgy work that goes on Ian
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    Best psycho neighbour/tenant story

    The first unit I brought had the craziest neighbour I have ever had. She was about 50 and belived that the head of the maffia was chasing her because he wanted to marry her. Every time I went in her house she would only allow me to whisper because the Maffia had bugger her house, and she also...
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    any advise on buying in sa - morphett vale

    Hi amz I just settled on an IP in Morphett Vale this month. I originally spent weeks looking around Elizabeth, but you can now buy in Morphett Vale for almost the same as what they are asking in Elizabeth, and I think Morphett Vale is a nicer area so attracts slightly better tennants...
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    Internet Connection Help Pls

    Hi Can the daughters computer ping the father in laws computer. From a DOS screen type ping <IP of Father in laws computer> hit enter. You should see a response. If that works try ping if that works try Let me know how that goes. Not sure of you technical...
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    My Story...Advice needed....

    Hi Mick Just a couple of things to consider, as I did when I broke up with a long term GF in my teens with PPOR and an IP If you stay financially attached and she meets another partner who moves in and he isnt the nice guy like you he may them claim for half or at least some of the house...
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    lost e-mails

    Glad to see it worked. No more compacting messages EVER. You can probably stop it from prompting you, just google it to find out how, otherwise ignore it. For future reference if you regulary copy the inbox.dbx file to CD or USB stick etc then you will always have a backup of you email...
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    lost e-mails

    OK the .bak files will be all your old emails. I am assuming you have been using email since they went missing if you dont have any important ones since you lost the rest or can print the ones you want then follow the steps below. 1. Exit Outlook Express. 2. The %userprofile%\local...
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    lost e-mails

    Hi Jen, Sometimes when Outlook Express gets interupted when compacting files it can end up in the recycle bin. Check in there for any files with a .dbx file extension. Ian