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    Buying first home with view to IP in Canberra

    I?ve been browsing the past posts on Canberra and I thought it was time to post our situation. We?re looking to buy our first home as a PPOR with a view to future IP in Canberra. My OH currently works in Barton and rents in Kingston. He has been in Canberra just over 12 months. I?m currently...
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    Canberra meetings for 2014

    Hi, If you're in the ACT region, please note these Tuesday nights in your diary now for the year ahead: 18th February 18th March 15th April 20th May 17th June - no meeting in July - 19th August 16th September 21st October 18th November Meetings are held upstairs at the civic...
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    Avoid Investing in Canberra? (The Libs Reducing Public Sector Employment).

    Canberra's last property downturn took place in 1996, when the Howard Liberal government was elected. Public sector cuts resulted in fewer jobs and many people ended up selling their houses into the face of a soft market. Vacancy rates increased as owners moved out and the market for new...
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    Market outlook in Canberra

    Things look grim for Canberra Went to an auction in Curtin, price 10% off their value and vendor decided to sell.
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    Canberra meeting 17th Sept

    This month we are extremely fortunate to have Angus and Jordan from Heron Todd White attend. If you’re not sure who they are, I’m sure your bank does! Banks are one of the biggest users of valuation services, but why should they get all the golden information? Heron Todd White are Australia’s...
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    Canberra joins the Granny Flat era

    Just saw this in the Canberra Times Wonder what this will do for the rental market... :( Should have kept my last PPOR.... 770m2 and side access - perfect pickings...:rolleyes:
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    No interest! Would you hold, sell VF???

    Hi all Due to the oversupply of rentals in the current Canberra market, I am having difficulties renting my 1-br unit (7 weeks and counting…. others have been advertised for longer). The PM is great and we are doing all we can to keep the interest – lowering rent ($40/week and lowering)...
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    Good property managers in Canberra?

    Need some urgent help, please! Does any one know a good property manager (s) in Canberra; preferably in the inner south (Griffith)? Not very happy with our current property mgt agency: no tenant for over 2 months despite many price reductions; no up-to-date or follow-up reports; garden left...
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    Canberra Rental Market - Is it Trending Down

    Hi Forumites, I had a call on Friday from my Property manager, who informed me that my tenant was making noises about moving on from my 4 bedroom IP in Nicholls as they had noticed they could get the same for much less. I noted my surprise that I'd not noticed a significant drop in the house...
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    Property Management general info

    Hello, I am a beginning property investor and I have been researching property management companies as I would prefer to have someone else managing my properties. I have some questions that I would love to get feedback on from more experienced investors: Would you prefer a percentage...
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    how to claim stamp duty for IP in Canberra

    i bought an IP in Canberra in Feb 2010 (contracts exchanged), paid SD on it in Feb 2011 and settlement of this property is in Dec 2011. SD paid on IP in Canberra can be claimed as a lease document expense. i called ATO's individual tax helpline to find out how to claim the SD and they said...
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    ACT dual occ / subdivision questions

    I am not familiar with this process and would appreciate some guidance. I live on a 850sqm RZ1 block in Canberra and I want to explore the option of building a second dwelling at the rear of the property. I always thought an RZ1 could not be subdivided - reading this document seams to indicate...
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    20th Oct Canberra Property Meetings

    Hi Guys, The last Canberra Property Meeting is on the 20th October 2010 same place & time. We will be hearing from two local ladies- Alexandra Scott on Property Management & Kylie Penden manager of ANZ Mobile Lending. We don't sell properties, it's all about information for the...
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    15th Sept - Canberra Property Meeting

    Every 3rd Wednesday in the month 15th September 2010 Canberra Property Network Meeting This month's line up is...... Martyn O'Connor CEO & Owner of the Parkhill Financial Group + Licensed Financial Adviser. Wealth Creation Through Commercial Property Commercial Property is a...
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    18th August Canberra Property Network Meeting

    Wednesday 18th August 2010 Another great month lined up for Canberra Property Network Meetings, mark it down for the 3rd Wednesday in the month! Paul Cussen Director GREENLiGHT Property + Finance Licensed Real Estate Buyers Agent and Mortgage Broker GREENLiGHT P+F specialises...
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    21st July Canberra Property Network Meeting

    Wednesday 21st July 2010 Come along to Canberra's Active Property Network Meeting. Everybody Welcome! Beginners to the Advanced.... This month is new and improved! The Active Property Network group has gone NATIONAL, meaning that we are now hosting meetings in EVERY CITY AROUND AUSTRALIA. We...
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    Canberra 16th June Property Network Meeting

    Hi guys. This month we have 3 experts lined up to tell you about their strategy in building wealth from property. We were lucky to have them attending the meeting for us this month as they will be speaking at the Capital Wealth Conference in more detail so here is your chance to ask one...
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    Canberra 19th May Property Network Meeting

    19th MAY Canberra Property Network Meeting This month's line up is .... Eugene Dyriw - "Residential Builders Contract" Manager, Residential Division for G.E.Shaw & Associates Eugene is a fully qualified builder with registration in both ACT & NSA. He has extensive trade & related...
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    Canberra 21st April Property Network Meeting

    Wednesday 21st April Canberra Property Network Meeting It's on again with such a great response last month very exciting! Everybody is welcome!! The line up for April is..... Simon Bismire - "The Next Big Thing in Property" He is an investment property consultant, has been investing for...
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    Canberra Property Network 1st Meeting - 17th March

    Everybody welcome It's the first network meeting for Canberra this year, they will be starting in March and be every 3rd Wednesday in the month. Join in to learn & share your experiences plus meet like minded property investors. We have 3 speakers coming to share their knowledge with you...