1. B

    from people in the know

    Hey guys here's the situation. $113,000 in equity Loan and credit debt of $55,000 Obviously want IP's Should I get rid of all my debt ($55,000) first or can you suggest an alternate plan that allows everything to happen at once
  2. B

    Payment Structure

    Hi guys We have a IP that is currently valued approx 80k below what we paid (dont bother, long story). Anyways, given that it may never produce any CG, should I have the repayments as p & I or should I move to interest only and focus on reducing some other personal loans in the hope that...
  3. N

    Failure to meet settlement

    Hi guys, I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment, hoping for some advise. Below are the details. I have finance approval from ING to purchase an investment property, I know ING not my first choice. They took a very long time to approve finance and now they have limited time to make...
  4. T

    Recommendations for learning about financing options

    Hi Guys, First post and new to everything here so not sure if there is already an existing thread somewhere...but basically I'm trying to get a handle on the financing options that exist, the role of offset accounts, LVI, LMI and all these abbreviations etc. and piece together the pros and...
  5. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth: 25 Feb Value-Add Projects that Make Money! (Session 2)

    Welcome to the second meeting of the year, last month we had a great turn-out with nearly 40 people learning some great things and having plenty of opportunity to network. Why not come along this month, we have another two great speakers. This month: Back to basics. Renovations Part 2! Last...
  6. J

    Brisbane Property Network Meeting

    We are kicking 2015 off with a bang, by bringing you words of wisdom from not one but two key professions you must have on your team. This week's thought provoking seminar will be given by two experts: Lynne Sturgess, mortgage broker, Precision Loans; and Fionna Reid, principal...
  7. M

    Trilogy Funding?

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has dealt with Trilogy Funding? They offer a 30 minute finance strategy session, I'm hoping someone could tell me if this is just a sales pitch or not?
  8. M

    How to fund the next property

    Well I guess one of those bad investors who has bought an investment property around 6 months back... It has grown a bit now my strategy is changing coz of some personal changes and I want to buy my principal Hom (which I dont have) don't have much of the saving left how can I fund a property...
  9. F

    How to avoid paying $300,000 to $1 million dollars of mortgage interests to the bank:

    PRINCIPLES:- 1. The family money should not leave the family and go into financial institutions. 2. Do not let the words of media/culture (controlled by the elites that want u to buy their properties) that take minutes to be spoken to sway you to slave at work for the rest of your life to pay...
  10. Finance Broker

    Finance Broker

  11. N

    Reno help! Have some cash, no finance...which way to go?

    Hi everyone. I'm a complete newbie to this site and am really starting from the bottom here with respect to property (I live in Melbourne). Please be patient while I explain my situation as I am not sure of the best way to move forward. I have tried to keep this brief, but it is a bit...
  12. L

    Finance for 15 unit block

    Hi, any advice on finance for 15 one bedroom units? I'm pretty sure they would be on a single title. I just read that this would need to be a commercial loan so I have a lot to learn!
  13. S

    Help~ Finance for construction loan

    Hi all, first time posting thread here and wondering whether anyone can help me this. Background: I am doing my very first project in east Melbourne. The propety was bought at 500K+ (80% loan) and I am looking into a 3 townhouses development. The project has now in council awaiting for town...
  14. G

    Structuring finance for first property

    Hi all, been reading the forum for several months now and trying to soak up as much information as possible. I'm hoping to get some opinions on how to best structure the finance for our first property with a view to the future. A bit of background - My partner and I graduated from uni at...
  15. Prop Meeting WA

    Wed 29th Jan - Making Sure your Development Deal Stacks Up!

    A Happy New Year to all, 2014 is already well and truly upon us! So, what are you goals for the year and beyond? Is one of them to get into the world of developing, or if you are already there to maximise your opportunities! This session will focus on how to maximise your returns from...
  16. G

    Auctions & Finance

    Just wondered what the process is in regards to finance with auctions? If you win an auction, what is a typical deposit required, and is this needed immediately? With the loan would it be the same as a non-auction sale - i.e. have finance pre-approved? Also what are typical settlement...
  17. sarahslothface

    Pulling out of an unconditional contract

    My partner and I have signed a contract to purchase an apartment. Everything up till finance has been sorted and we're on the home stretch. We signed the loan offer with the bank and therefore made our contract unconditional. The bank has now come back and informed us that there's been some...
  18. J

    First Big Purchase

    Hi all... current portfolio = approx. 1.4M mortgaged at around 70%. We are looking... possibly pipe-dreaming at a project somewhere between $2M - $3M. The basic numbers stack up -- but very worried about overpaying, and also worried about serviceability. Property is currently grossing...
  19. thydzik

    how does a discretionary trust borrow money?

    Can someone please explain to me how do loans work with a discretionary trust? If a trust wants to purchase a property, I can understand a proportion will be based on the value of the property and a deposit will be required. but does the bank look at serviceability? how does this work, is...
  20. C

    Deposit bond

    Hi, I've secured a property with a historic stone cottage on the beach in Tasmania. After a long negotiation, I've been able to lock down the price and get indicative finance offer on the table. We have the contract subject to finance and DA. giving us 90 days till settlement. Our surveying...