1. Richard Feynman

    Will Brisbane outperform Sydney over the next 12 months?

    In terms of percentage growth across all dwelling types. I think it won't, but the ensuing 12 months (from June 2016 on) is likely to be a different story. This poll closes in 30 days and votes are public.
  2. Richard Feynman

    How much puff does Sydney have left?

    While I stopped buying in Sydney more than a year ago, I still reckon it's got some steam left in this cycle and am curious to hear what others think. This is part of a learning process for me; a combination of analysing data and trends (local, national and international), observing investor...
  3. T

    The Next Step

    Hello all I would appreciate any advice from you guys in the know! I have been a long time lurker on these pages I am 34 years old and currently have my own home and 2 Investment properties and although my friends think im some sort of investing guru, that could not be further from the...
  4. Richard Feynman

    How much steam does Sydney have left?

    I'm curious to see what folks reckon. How much growth do Sydney dwellings have left in this cycle before things taper off? Having experienced a pretty flat decade preceding this run, investor loans at all time highs, more and more SMSFs being set up and with a second rate cut (March/April)...
  5. A

    Roxby Downs - Food for thought.

    Roxby Downs - food for thought. Since BHPs announcement in 2012 that they would put the Olympic Dam expansion "on hold", the market in Roxby has taken a big hit. Things spiraled as there were plenty of negative commentary/spin and ill-informed headlines in the media. Speculation from the...
  6. C

    Growth prospects Inner Adelaide

    Hi All, We're looking at purchasing our second IP, and have concluded over recent times that purchasing another in Melbourne right now is not the best idea.. There's a lot of furious building activity, as portrayed today in The Age...
  7. see_change

    things looking up in SE Q'land - Michael Matusik

    Another article from a respected commentator about Q'land picking up Back in the black: Things are finally looking up for South-East Queensland By Michael Matusik Thursday, 21 November 2013 The tipping point between caution and optimism has finally passed. It is often a fine line...
  8. N

    Is Newcastle a good option?

    Hi everyone, I'm a wannabe first time investor, and this is my first post on here (so please go easy on me!). I'm looking to buy an IP at around the $300k mark, do a bit of a cosmetic reno and then rent it out. I was planning to buy in the western suburbs of Sydney, but from what I've...
  9. see_change

    Sydney's hot , Vote before you read

    Ok folks So Sydney's moving . What does this mean ? Please Vote before you read any debate which might sway you initial thoughts. Cliff
  10. mixedup

    Do you expect >2.5% growth in 2013 in Brisbane?

    Do you expect >2.5% growth in 2013 in Brisbane? (houses)
  11. Jake Milne

    What's hot 2013 (Melbourne)

    Fairfield is a north eastern suburb of Melbourne that has a population of 5,946 and is 6km from the city. Over the last 12 months Fairfield units have grown by 16.7%. The suburb has excellent access to the city via train, bus or car. This area mainly attracts single professionals who are in...
  12. twai9984

    Houses for $650-$750K in Sydney?

    I am looking at buying a house in Sydney to move in with my partner. My budget is around $650-$750K and at least 2 decent sized bedrooms (preferably 3) with parking. Something livable and I don't mind chipping in a bit to renovate (e.g. Kitchen, Bathroom..etc) The problem is I am working in...
  13. Alex P Keaton

    The West - Perth house prices set for biggest climb

    Another forecasting article! This one is saying Perth will grow nicely over the next 3 years and will grow the most out of all citys. Betchya though tomorrow another article will say Perth is crashing and wont recover for a long time! How do you see Perth traveling in the next few years...
  14. Alex P Keaton

    Quarterly Change 21% - Highgate WA

    From the Property Report in todays West Highgate is on top in the top 10 unit suburbs year on year 21% This is the suburb i live in. :D :cool: Heres an exerptfrom the article Highgate took out top spot on the best growth suburbs list for units for the past three months with a 21...
  15. K

    Would you continue to invest in IP if population growth stopped ?

    Australia has always had population increases - it's averaging more than 1%pa. It's current govt policy to encourage migration and also provide bonuses to those who have more kids. If these policies were to change and population growth stagnated (like Japan), would you continue to invest in IP ?
  16. Alex P Keaton

    Growth Funds & DCA

    Hi I want to invest in a blue chip share growth fund whereby $100 a month is automatically taken from my pay so I can take advantage of Dollar Cost Averaging. I like the idea of an index fund but Vanguard doesnt offer this. I would like to hold the fund for about 7-10 years and...