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    Help- North Brisbane area for second IP?

    Hello all, After researching for what seems like forever I'm ready to purchase my second investment property. I am from Sydney but am looking to purchase a house at the 350k mark in the northern brisbane area. With the intention to do a cheap reno and rent it out and hold. and repeat...
  2. 3 bed house mins from Warnbro Beach, WA. Huge 1100sq mtr land. RESIDE OR DE

    3 bed house mins from Warnbro Beach, WA. Huge 1100sq mtr land. RESIDE OR DE

  3. W

    Termite damage and structural issues

    Hey Folks, I was trying to buy a property recently which has serious termite damage + serious structural issues which has come up in my building and pest report. Thanks to my building and pest guy who was awesome and patient in doing the inspection which saved me 80K on a house on top of the...
  4. M

    Settled yesterday as my new PPOR

    After living in a house my entire life with my folks, I will be in the coming weeks moving to my new 2 bed unit in a complex of 3 blocks. My block is 14 stories while the other is 17 stories followed by the third which is only 3 story walk up. I bought a corner lot as I see that as the selling...
  5. M

    Sydney Metro prices in year 2020?

    Just curious as to your views on the average house and unit medium in 2020? Do you think all 2 bed 650 ? 750k units within 10kms will be worth the 1 million mark? I'm talking the average units; not the already 1 mil units with top floor water views. How about houses in the south, east, north...
  6. P

    What kind of property do you invest in?

    What kind of property do you invest in? (Resi) Hi guys, Just thought I would throw a poll out there to see what kind of residential property types people on the forum do invest in. There always seem to be discussions around houses vs units etc, so thought it would benefit everyone. Cheers
  7. 2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart

    2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart

    2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart
  8. S

    Unit vs Townhouse vs House

    Hi, Everyone, I have about 130K cash and I am looking to buy my first interstate IP in Brisbane or Perth. I read the threads in this forum and I found a lot of people buy houses instead of buying unit or town house. My question is: why do so many people buy houses at a place without a...
  9. W

    Wise information for First time investment

    Hi, Im 25 male, casual worker woolworths 30+ week employed around 10mths. $31k p.a. Brisbane. No commitments or loans. Have a deposit of around $60k looking to put it into some form of investment property. I called aussie today and can be pre-approved for an apartment for around $250k. with...
  10. D

    If you had only 250k to buy a house, where would it be and why?

    This is of course an investment property to be kept for at least 10 years Ideally it would be neautral or even positively geared but the main aim is capital gains Will be intersting to see everyones thoughts
  11. D

    Hunter Region First IP plus reno

    Hi Everyone, first time poster, long time reader I'm in Newcastle for the next 6 months and wanted to find a house i could renovate whilst here. I'm willing to go as far as Cessnock and Maitland right now but i would consider further towns if it was worth my while. I want to buy...
  12. F

    Freestanding house and Torrens title on Ryde, NSW

    HI guys, I would like to know if my girlfriend and I would like to buy either freestanding house or townhouse/villa with torrens title around Ryde area. We want to use this as PPOR and further down the track (after 4 - 5 years), we will rent it out. We have a budget around 700k - 850k...
  13. A

    Buying home with drainage easement and sewer main

    Would you buy this property? The property has a easement to drain water 1.22 m wide (in contract) but seems to also have a sewer main that appears to be running very close to the house itself (sewerage diagram). I have read that easements or sewer mains are not typically a concern but I...
  14. quintets

    Illawarra(NSW) house for sale near Warilla Beach

    Hey all! I'm selling a 3bed/1bath single garage single brick house on 600sqm. It's located 500m from Warilla beach and currently tenanted. I'm asking $330K. Houses on the east side of the highway are rare so this won't last long. The tenant would like to stay, so I'm looking for an...
  15. House relocation - Before and After

    House relocation - Before and After

  16. House relocation

    House relocation

  17. House relocation

    House relocation

  18. M

    Live in Backyard Bungalow, Lease House

    Hi, Quick question. Is it possible to lease a house, and live in backyard bungalow? What are the possible pros and cons? Is that type of leasing option even possible? Cheers,
  19. PPoR Claim

    PPoR Claim

    Diagram to help explain what can be claimed as 'PPOR'. Each blue letter denotes a separate title. If you live in house 1, can you claim properties A, B & C as your PPoR, or can you only claim property B? For example for land tax or CGT exemptions.
  20. O

    Melbourne IP opportunities and what type??

    I have one IP in Brisbane but have recently moved to Melbourne and looking at buying another here. What is the thoughts on upcoming suburbs and prices. Would the Capital growth be better on a unit, townhouse or house? Unit I could afford closer to town but I would have to look at houses in...