Buying home with drainage easement and sewer main

Would you buy this property?

The property has a easement to drain water 1.22 m wide (in contract) but seems to also have a sewer main that appears to be running very close to the house itself (sewerage diagram).

I have read that easements or sewer mains are not typically a concern but I have not seen another home with both drainage and sewer main running through the whole property.

I'm wondering if this would affect its resale value.

If I were to purchase, I would look to extend the house out.



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I once looked at a nice house that had a sewer easement at the bottom of the block, and both a stormwater easement AND a water main easement at the top of the block.

Despite it beinig a large 750sqm block, 25% of the land was under easement.

The house was located between the easements with 4m top and bottom offset. So the ability to extend down the track was nil without expensive encasement of the sewer.

I passed on it as an IP, it took ages to sell. It was on a battleaxe which was already aa value reducer, the easements further devalued it.
Thanks Dave. The easement + sewer main probably takes up 25% of the property as well given it runs the whole way through. This explains why the house has an extra wide driveway.

I might pass on it as well. Any other opinions?
I bought a house with an easement in the backyard and has a lid on it, least there wont be any digging up just lift the lid and that's it.